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Protecting your most valuable assets, people, property and information.

Mexican Police Chief and Bodyguards Killed by Cartels

The police chief of Minatitlan-Cosoleacaque Inter-Municipal police force, Juan Moreno Lopez, and his body guards Alvaro Chagala and Moises Ramous were killed in Veracruz, Mexico at the end of April during an attack by cartel gunmen. Although army soldiers and local...

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Impersonation of a Police Officer: Bad Security!

Two security guards, who escorted rapper Lil Wayne to a nightclub in Indiana, now face charges of impersonating police officers. The two men led a caravan of tour buses in a car with sirens and flashing red and blue lights while also wearing police-like uniforms and...

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Border Security

Janet Napolitano in a recent interview said, “the border is as secure now as it ever has been”.  I believe that this is not good enough and here is the reason why:  when we provide protection on someone’s estate, office or facility we have failed if we let one bad-guy...

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Superbowl Security

Many of us will enjoy the Super Bowl today and will not realize the security preparations that will be in place to keep the stadium and the area around the stadium safe.  The planning and preparation for security starts when one game finishes for the following year. ...

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Journalists Attacked in Egypt

Anderson Cooper was attacked twice and hit multiple times and Christiane Amanpour and her crew were chased to her car.  They kicked the doors and broke the windshield of Amanpour’s vehicle. These journalists did have security advisors but not executive protection...

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Security Recommendations for Public Officials

As a security expert on protection of public political figures, high net worth families, celebrities, we are always concerned and trying to help people that cannot afford security but call us for advice and help.  WPG is committed to help people who have been...

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6th Annual Lido Family Office Investment Symposium

Screening, Vetting and Monitoring Employees: WPG will discuss labor statistics and how the cost to hire inappropriately suited employees is higher for employers (poor performance, theft, drug abuse, extra HR issues with the employee, missed work, lack of productivity,...

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Chartis Private Client Services – Vendor Fair

The World Protection Group will be part of Chartis Private Client Services' Los Angeles Vendor Fair on December 6 and 7 in Woodland Hills.   Chartis Private Client Group has nearly a dozen risk management and loss prevention services, and WPG is proud to be their...

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Estate Security and Emergency Preparedness

WPG and Chartis present Estate Security and Emergency Preparedness at the Southern California Family Office Directors Luncheon in La Jolla.  If you would like to attend this event, please contact us.

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Carl Terzian Associates

WPG is sponsoring the Carl Terzian Associates networking luncheon at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles.  If you would like to attend this event, please contact us.

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Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.


Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.

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WPG is a full-service international security firm that specializes in Executive Protection. Our philosophy and techniques are modeled after the United States Secret Service method of providing proactive and preventative protection. WPG has worked with some of the most high profile individuals in the world.

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