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The World Protection Group has developed some of the most sophisticated and accurate background check capabilities. This is by necessity. We need to be able to screen and re-screen our executive protection agents, and, in the case of residential or estate security, a client’s entire household staff. When CEO and internationally-recognized security expert Kent Moyer founded The World Protection Group, no appropriate commercially available background check system met the standards he set, so we built our own.

Because of this, many people and organizations use our background screening capabilities even when they are not currently engaged in a security engagement with us.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

There are a lot of myths about how background checks work, in particular around criminal records. It is impossible to simply put someone’s name in a database and instantly see his or her entire criminal record. These records are kept at the state and county level, and while limited databases do exist for some jurisdictions, it is necessary to have on-site courthouse researchers to look at specific areas of interest. They also contain information that may not be accurate.

Because of the nature of the high level of executive protection security, this is one area where the The World Protection Group cannot afford to compromise. In the entire history of the company, we have never missed criminal activity on the part of potential job applicants. We extend these same services, with the same unblemished record, when screening on behalf of clients, for example:

Still, a criminal record search is just the starting point for a thorough background check.

Background Check for Employers

Background checks will include some or all of the following, depending on the nature of your needs and relevant laws in your jurisdiction. Because these laws vary widely and carry penalties for non-compliance, it is important to partner with an experienced and careful security firm to help you get the maximum information without creating potential liability:

Background Checks: Bankruptcies, judgments, liens, etc.

Bankruptcies and/or the results of civil (non-criminal) litigation can provide immense insight into someone’s background. They can reveal patterns of reckless behavior, dishonesty, and even fraud. Sometimes these are not criminal offenses, or even if they are, the overloaded criminal justice system in the United States is not able to identify and prosecute every crime. Victims of these activities are often able to make their case through civil litigation. We often find that information to be extremely relevant.

Background Checks: Driving Records

Driving records are clearly relevant for employee background checks if that person’s job duties include a significant amount of driving. Where permitted by law, these records can also provide significant insight into someone’s overall judgment and decision-making, not just how they perform on the road. While no one would be interested in an occasional parking ticket, imagine how it might change your assessment of the risk factors associated with an individual if he or she had repeated license suspensions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or for reckless driving.

Background Checks: Confirming references and credentials

According to an Inc. Magazine study, fully 85% of job applicants lie on their resume. Even though it is common knowledge that employers are able to check credentials and references and evaluate claims made on a resume of a job application, candidates do so anyway. Why? Because most employers don’t have the time, tools, and experience to efficiently and thoroughly run background checks.

Moreover, this 85% figure applies only to resumes, where the likelihood of being caught in a lie is at its highest. It stands to reason that claims made during an interviewing or recruiting process would have an even higher number.

Even high profile individuals have been found to lie or to fake accomplishments or certifications that they claim to have earned, including the former CEO of Yahoo, Inc and the former Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is an issue that affects all employers at all levels, from entry-level positions to top leadership.

Background Checks: Credit History

An individual’s credit history is an often-overlooked source of information. Someone with a history of disputes and unpaid bills may bring risk factors that another individual does not. However, it is not enough to simply run a credit report. Many credit reports are notoriously inaccurate. The United States government estimates that more than 20% of credit reports contain “potentially material errors”.  It takes a firm with experience in evaluating credit reports and further researching areas of interest — with the experience to know where issues are more or less likely to arise — to provide an accurate picture to allow you to be properly informed.

Background Checks: Drug testing and random drug tests

It is highly recommended to have a drug testing policy. The World Protection Group does initial drug testing on all employees to make sure no one has any type of drug use. In addition, we recommend that anytime that an employee appears to be acting unnaturally or erratically and where drug use is suspect, that the employer mandate a drug test if the laws of your jurisdiction allow for it. Please contact us for details.

Background Checks: Psychological Assessments

Depending on the laws of your jurisdiction and the scope of your needs, psychological assessments can provide immense insights into an individual’s potential risk factors. One key advantage of the World Protection Group in our own recruiting process is our extensive and finely-tuned psychological assessment process. Our methods are proprietary and extremely accurate and have helped clients dramatically reduce risk in several memorable cases in which these risk factors would not have been discovered through conventional background checks.

Background Checks and Ongoing Monitoring

No background check, however sophisticated, can account for future developments. The risk profile of individual changes can change as his or her life situation changes. Addictions can develop unpredictably (although our psychological testing can make this somewhat less unpredictable), and changes to an individual’s life situations can alter his or her risk profile; for example, an individual facing crushing medical bills or a divorce or other threat to their lifestyle would merit a more detailed look at his or her potential risk for committing fraud or theft. Of course, most individuals of strong character retain their character despite life changes, but when allocating resources to reducing risk, it is important to know where these sources of risk often develop.

WPG Background Check Services

The World Protection Group provides the full spectrum of security background checks and drug testing solutions for companies who want to make sure that they are hiring the right people.

We understand that ensuring a safe workplace and retaining key employees is essential for the success of your organization. This is why we provide solutions that limit liability, reduce turnover, and protect your assets and reputation.

Our services range from standard criminal searches and drug testing to more advanced intelligence solutions designed to validate employee credentials, monitor compliance, and analyze social media activities.

We offer fast and reliable solutions coupled with utmost devotion to nothing but the best service—this is The World Protection Group difference. We take a very personal approach in tailoring solutions to match the needs of our clients, big or small.

What sets us apart from our competition is our expertise in compliance, the certainty of our work, and commitment to gold standard service.

Here’s what to expect when you work with The World Protection Group for security background checks for your employees:

  • Certainty in service. We operate internationally using a secure technology platform and carefully selected professionals trained to deliver the highest standard of personalized and responsive service to thousands of clients worldwide.
  • Proven expertise. Through the years, The World Protection Group has earned a solid reputation for providing innovative and compliance-focused solutions, which are complemented by our stellar care for clients.

Our employment screening process helps your company hire and retain productive and safe workforces. We use a broad range of background screening solutions and aggregate necessary information from the government and private databases.

Using our deep industry experience, we cross-match, enhance, and validate search results for your company.

We ensure fast turnaround time and responsive service. The World Protection Group will craft a screening process that will meet your unique risk profile and needs using a personal approach, and a level of service certainty that you won’t find anywhere else.

Having a safe and productive workforce requires maintaining a consistent and comprehensive drug-testing program. Our in-house experts, plus our worldwide network, and certified partner laboratories, are what you need for building complete drug and health screening processes that are custom-made for utmost efficiency.

The World Protection Group does not stop at pre-employment security background checks. We also help companies mitigate their post-hire risks by conducting continuous monitoring programs that are specially designed for checking existing employees.

We provide only cost-effective solutions that can be implemented quickly in order to minimize risks.

We accomplish this by utilizing smart solutions made to improve efficiencies and the experience of both staff and applicants. Technology changes in the blink of an eye so we always stay at the forefront to keep our methods and solutions up to date and effective.

Take the first step in ensuring the safety and productivity of your organization, contact us at The World Protection Group today.

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