Gold Standard Executive Protection
in the USA and Worldwide

The World Protection Group provides gold standard executive protection for individuals, residences, and corporate property. Our approach is based on that of the U.S. Secret Service, and we specialize in celebrity security, VIP protection, and bodyguard services for high net worth individuals. We have an unblemished record of success protecting clients’ safety, confidentiality, and peace of mind. The World Protection Group operates worldwide and is based in Los Angeles.

The World Protection Group Wins Awards

Private Security Services We Offer

“Protecting Your Lifestyle” the ultimate white glove executive protection solution by application only

Based in Beverly Hills, WPG’s Celebrity Protection Practice is the Gold Standard for executive protection for celebrities

Protecting High Net Work Individuals discretely and reliably requires a highly-trained executive protection team, not a “bodyguard”

Beginning with a thorough security assessment, WPG’s residential and estate security programs are comprehensive, discreet, and cost-effective.

Where the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged corporate property is high, WPG can help manage and reduce risk.

Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

WPG CEO Kent Moyer is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in all things security; get expert advice on your own security project.

Threat Investigations Security

Received a threat? Don’t mess around – have professionals investigate and respond. Even seemingly ‘harmless’ threats can be dangerous.

Background checks are a must for sensitive positions in your company or household. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

WPG CEO Kent Moyer is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in all things security; get expert advice on your own security project.

Harness the power of one time pads, the only email encryption that the CIA, FBI, and NSA can’t decipher.

Get access to the same internationally-recognized gold standard training provided to elite World Protection Group officers.

The World Protection Group is the leading security firm using drones to support law enforcement and in its own security operations.

The World Protection Group specialized in international travel security, and has a local presence in many major cities worldwide.

The World Protection Group is the leading security firm for travel to or within Mexico, with a full-service office in Mexico City.

The World Protection Group has been featured on:

ABC Nightline, E!, EXTRA, LA Confidential, Mother Jones, The Deal Magazine, Truth Dig, VH1, Profile Magazine and The Los Angeles Times.


Unparalleled Private Protection

The World Protection Group is the gold standard in executive protection.  Whether you are a celebrity, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a high net worth individual, The World Protection Group (WPG) will cover all your security and privacy needs.

Security Services

A few of the vital security services we provide at The World Protection Group are the following:

  • executive protection,
  • luxury estate and
  • residential security services,
  • risk and vulnerability assessments,
  • threat investigations, and
  • online and privacy protection.

Executive Protection Agents

Highly trained and sophisticated security agents are your personal security detail. Agents are held to the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard of Service. WPG’s agents assess, identify, and meet the needs of high net worth individuals’ lifestyles and tastes.

Our agents are specially trained American citizens who uphold utmost integrity. We only qualify security professionals who are team players, ethical, flexible, great communicators, honest, trustworthy and can multitask and communicate between client, company and team members.

Luxury Estate and Residential Security Services

WPG offers world-class electronic security that focuses on the full protection of a client’s estate. We offer training for the client’s family, employees, and visitors in security awareness. Additionally, we assess the client’s property for the state of its security and institute protection measures over unsecured areas. Agents are trained to deter and stop threats in real time, not merely alert the authorities. Contact The World Protection Group for your personalized assessment.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Our private security firm performs security risk and vulnerability assessments as the first step in meeting a potential client’s security needs. We conduct interviews with relevant parties regarding residential and corporate properties in order to assess the property’s risk.

Our executive protection company performs a physical inspection in order to assess any current security procedures, or lack thereof, premises entry and exit route analysis. We assess the smallest details from lighting, perimeter and parking lot security, assessment of personnel and then take measures to personal and intellectual property as well.

Threat Investigations

Our threat investigation team manages and responds to client threats. We work with law enforcement to collect information, gather potential evidence, and monitor communications. We will institute a plan of action as well as advise the threatened client legal recourse and liability issues.

Contact World Protection Group if you need a threat investigation.

Online and Privacy Protection

Whether you have overzealous fans, curious passersby or the press or paparazzi, WPG protects your privacy and public image.

Our executive protection firm protects your privacy online with mathematically unbreakable “one-time pad” email encryption, encrypted messaging and by removing your online presence from public searches of private information. Protecting you and your privacy is WPG’s commitment.

Drone Security Solutions

We support law enforcement agencies with drones with trained FAA commercially-licensed remote drone pilots for a sophisticated security operation. Our drones can be deployed quickly and cover a large area that might be otherwise inaccessible for a 360 degree view of our client and their surroundings.

World Protection Group Mission and Values

World Protection Group takes executive protection services to the next level. There is not a private security contractor their equal.

Kent Moyer, President and CEO of World Protection Group, Inc., is committed to the full and exclusive protection of high networth individuals and their assets. Agents, analysts, investigators are vetted, trained, and continuously updated in our policies and procedures. World Protection Group offers only the finest comprehensive security protection all while holding to the highest ideals of honesty, integrity, and competence.

When you need exclusive high-end personal security protection — contact World Protection Group.