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The World Protection Group (WPG) was founded with celebrity and VIP protection in mind, drawing first on WPG President Kent Moyer’s many years’ experience as an elite bodyguard at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California.  For over fifteen years, we have successfully protected celebrities’ safety, privacy, and lifestyle with an unblemished track record, including high-profile actors, musicians, athletes, diplomats, dignitaries, and others in the public eye.  Protection services can be customized to include a VIP’s loved ones as well as their property, and Mr. Moyer personally overseas the strategy and operations of every celebrity protection detail.

For over nineteen years, The World Protection Group (WPG) has been the gold standard for celebrity VIP security services and VIP protection. President Kent Moyer draws on his years of experience as a bodyguard for the Playboy Mansion to ensure his clients’ safety as well as maintaining their lifestyle in the public eye. The strategies at the World Protection Group can be broken down into three elements. These three elements are security, privacy, and discretion. 

Our philosophy of celebrity protection can be summed up in three parts: security; privacy; and discretion.

VIP Protection: Security

A World Protection Group engagement implies highest standards of security.  Our highly-trained agents include former secret service, former military dignitary protection, and alumni from both Executive Security International and Executive Protection Institute.  In the entire history of the World Protection Group, spanning literally hundreds of engagements since 2001, no client – or their family – has ever been harmed while protected by us. We provide both armed and unarmed VIP security services, based on the client’s needs and a appropriate to the situation at hand.

The World Protection Group utilizes quality agents to make sure that their clients receive the utmost quality services and VIP security. The security agents have a background in a number of different fields, ranging from the military dignitary protection to the secret service. We have vetted agents from several top-notch training companies, such as the Executive Protection Institute and Executive Security International.

VIP Protection: Privacy

You deserve to control who you interact with and what you share about yourself with the world.  Based on your specifications, we protect your physical privacy from overzealous fans, curious observers, the press and paparazzi – while remaining constantly alert for potential threats.  We operate professionally and discreetly, protecting you and your public image.

Our services include protecting your privacy online as well, including genuinely unbreakable email encryption (one time pads), encrypted messaging, and removing your presence from public and searchable private records.  The United States Department of Justice estimates that approximately 3.3 million people are victims of stalking per year, with those in the public eye at exponentially increased risk. Through proprietary World Protection Group techniques and processes, we can make you untraceable through your phone, email, or physical address.  This alone deters or prevents a very significant number of potential threats.

The World Protection Group understands the value of privacy. With so many of their clients being subjugated to the paparazzi, fanatics, and the press, we implement quality cybersecurity protection for their clients’ privacy. A few of the various privacy services we offer include nearly unbreakable email encryption, encrypted messages, and removing any traces of their clients from both the public and private records. With an estimated 3.3 million people that are victims of cyberstalking, the World Protection Group understands that the need for privacy is a key component to making their clients feel safe and secure.

VIP Protection: Discretion

We understand that your privacy needs extend to your security team.  Our agents are trained to provide you with maximum discretion and privacy consistent with your protection.  Since VIP protection makes up a large part of our work and our agents are trained with celebrity protection in mind from Day 1, agent discretion is simply second nature to us.

In addition, all World Protection Group staff and officers are also bound to highly-restrictive confidentiality protocols.

We understand that discretion is a major element in their clients’ lives. When dealing with the public, celebrity clients need to know that the people that are protecting them understand the need to be discreet. Agents at the World Protection Group are trained from the very beginning on how to be discreet when dealing with their clients. The agents at the World Protection Group are also constrained to the confidentiality procedures that our company follows. 

The World Protection Group also is trained to deal with uncontrollable situations which often require discretion. Some of these situations might include issues with law enforcement and bad publicity. Our agents are trained to try to stop these issues before they become problems. If this is unavoidable, the agents are then trained to try and diffuse the situations without exacerbating them further. The World Protection Group also has developed a relationship with several local law enforcement across the world so that both the agents and law enforcement can help the clients while maintaining their discretion.

Modeling our approach after the United States Secret Service, the World Protection Group uses these methods to provide the best in VIP security, privacy, and discretion. While other VIP protection services take on a harsh approach, the World Protection Group understand the need to be aware of subtle threats and the need to not be too visible. For more information call: +1 (310) 390-6646 and start your quality protection services today.


Misunderstandings and incidents sometimes occur unpredictably, which could otherwise leave a VIP dealing with law enforcement in a situation that has potentially negative consequences and/or bad publicity.

Our highly-trained and experienced agents are trained first to anticipate and avoid these situations and, if that proves impossible, to defuse issues before they become problems.  We intervene on a client’s behalf as soon as we see a potential problem, usually well before local authorities become aware of or involved. Our deep relationships with local law enforcement in many cities worldwide allow us to anticipate, react to, and manage potentially negative situations with maximum effectiveness and confidentiality.

In our many VIP engagements, these actions have almost always been successful.


Approaches and Influences

Our Approach is modeled after the United States Secret Service method of providing proactive and preventative protection.  It starts with a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment, advance planning and preparation.  It continues with information-gathering and analysis, facilitated by strong relationships with local authorities, and is brought to full effectiveness with a highly trained celebrity and VIP security team.

Mr. Moyer is certified by the FBI as a law enforcement firearms instructor and is a graduate of the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Academy. In 2003, he was recognized as the Deputy Sheriff of the Year for the Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU), for a local Sheriff department where he currently serves as its training officer and a member of the Dignitary Protection Unit.

LINK: Kent Moyer, the Modern Day Samurai

More Than a Celebrity Bodyguard

In our years of experience protecting celebrities we’ve found that many so-called celebrity bodyguards take an overly-militaristic approach to security that both misses some of the more subtle threats to safety and completely works against a client’s privacy, discretion, and comfort by smothering him or her.  In many cases, too-much and too-visible security attracts unnecessary attention and problems, as can untrained bodyguards or executive protection teams that are not experienced with VIPs. This poses a risk to clients’ reputation, finances, and relationships.

Protection that can Turn on a Dime

We understand that a VIP’s schedule can sometimes change unpredictably and at short notice.  This is an area where the World Protection Group excels. When your plans change on short notice, even if it involves international travel, we’re equipped to support you – not just with your familiar protection detail, but also with officers based locally at your destination, access to timely local information and relationships with local authorities to anticipate and address potential threats.

Celebrity VIP Protection – It Starts with a Conversation

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