Mexico Security and Executive Protection Services

The World Protection Group has had a very specific and focused service offering across Mexico since 2007 given its high security risk. Executive protection in Mexico falls under our international travel security practice.

Security Services in Mexico

Airport Meet & Greet:

Armored Vehicles:

The World Protection Group has an exclusive relationship with TPS Armoring, with offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara, to provide our clients with armored cars.  TPS is a manufacturer of vehicle armoring systems used primarily by government officials and private individuals and is known for its superior quality and ballistic performance.
TPS builds to the following US standards:

  • Level 3 – Assault: protects from small arms and handguns
  • Level 4 – Kidnapping: protects from assault weapons and high powered rifles
  • Level 5 – Terrorism: protects from assault weapons and high power attacks that might include grenades, M-16s and AK-47s.

GPS Tracking Devices

24 Hour Command Center

Medical Response on the Mexico Security Detail

Motorcycle Escorts (civilian) Lights and Sirens on Vehicles (optional) Training

The World Protection Group provides training at their facilities in Los Angeles, California and via their mobile training unit program which trains at the client site. Specialized in Mexico Executive Protection and Dignitary Protection training, we offer highly-customized training that covers all aspects of an executive protection detail in Mexico, with special emphasis on Advance Work. Our global network of instructors allows us to effectively teach while maintaining respect for the culture and skill level of our client. Our work begins with the assessment and development of the vision for the client and ends with mentoring and the implementation of sustainable practices.

The World Protection Group provides training from 1-day course increments to full time 90-day course rotations. Our clients include high net-worth families, corporate security departments, sovereign governments, US law enforcement and Mexico security professionals.

Mexico Security Consulting

  • Site Security Assessment
  • Threat Management
  • Surveillance
  • Investigation
  • Technical Counter Measures
  • Family or Corporate Security Program
  • Yacht Security
  • Security Detail Management


Private Security in Mexico

Given the high-security risk in the area, the World Protection Group offers a very specific and focused private security service in Mexico since 2007.

Mexico City has many exciting business and travel opportunities, but its diverse population makes it more open to threats that will require stricter security than usual. Our private security in Mexico is trained to provide expert close security services 24/7 to help keep VIPs safe while they enjoy everything that the country has to offer.

What Can You Expect from Our International Executive Protection Services?

  • A carefully selected and thoroughly vetted security agent who are constantly trained and supervised
  • A customized security plan that is continuously adapted and improved by internal audits and risk assessments
  • A 24/7 monitoring from our dedicated command post which is equipped with nothing less than the most advanced, top-of-the-line technology
  • A protection that is built on integrity, this is our standard as we act with ethics and professionalism as we re-evaluate our programs and operative services in order to spot weaknesses and improve them
  • An adaptable security plan that takes into consideration the client’s comfort. A client’s cooperation is essential to the success of any security plan and this is why we analyze, understand, and adapt to a VIP’s unique needs. From there, we create customized solutions to ensure his safety and comfort.
  • An innovative method brought by continuous commitment to study and become up-to-date with the latest modus operandi, as the criminal world is constantly evolving. This allows our team to anticipate future obstacles and implement preventive methods and solutions.

Our executive protection service in the country falls under our international travel security practice. We draw on our vast experience in the international security field in utilizing the most effective methods and procedures of security in the Mexican and Latin American atmosphere.

Our level of service is created for the highest levels of security needed for high net worth people, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and other public figures. 


Working with The World Protection Group

Working with us means not having to deal with cookie-cutter approaches to personal protection. We understand all too well that security needs may vary greatly per individual and the area where the protection will be provided.

Our program involves thorough risk assessment and addressing all gaps in security protocols. With this in mind, our team will create a highly specialized plan tailored to your lifestyle. 

Protection will be delivered by nothing less than the best of executive protection agents, each chosen for their unique skillsets and capabilities. We provide all sources necessary to safeguard our VIP clients and their interests from potential threats by creating and managing custom security solutions adapted to their individual needs.


Our Team in Mexico has these Qualities:

  • Multilingual and has solid expertise in how things in Mexico works
  • Trained for armed services and active shooter situation
  • Spotless backgrounds in the military and/or law enforcement
  • Discreet and trained for international travel


WPG Offers Executive Protection Services for Clients Traveling to Mexico:

The World Protection Group offers the following security services for clients living in and traveling to Mexico:

  • Personal and executive protection. Only highly skilled and knowledgeable security agents in the field will be tasked to protect you, 24/7 if needed. Our flawlessly trained agents have backgrounds in advanced protection and security services.

This is definitely more than your standard bodyguard service. You can rest easy knowing that you’re secure at a crowd or event, or when you’re traveling.

  • Security management. The way we approach our private security service in Mexico is that we aim to become the most reliable point of contact for the client regarding all safety matters.

Our team of executive protection agents integrates various tools in providing a high level of security, such as attack drills or hidden observation and examinations. We do this to get the most profound details about each client’s needs.

  • Security consulting. Our team defines the interests and assets of the clients that need protection, as well as possible modus operandi and potential threats. We create an optimal strategy to confront these threats and risks without disrupting our VIP’s operational business continuity.

Our personalized operative plans include reaction procedures, staff training, and emergency programs, technology requirements, and a whole lot more.

  • Training programs. Led by our team of professional trainers, we offer security training programs based on courses that are constantly reviewed and renewed to accommodate the latest strategies and techniques.

We focus on training and disciplining security personnel and field agents and provide security coaching and preventive behavior programs to executives and individuals.

  • Corporate campus, site security, and protection. We are the team to call for the best security possible for your company. We provide companies with specialized site security, whether at your office or in more public spaces. We constantly monitor potential threats to keep our VIPs safe from harm.

You can definitely count on us to create a security plan for all aspects of your business. We can also lend a hand in building security, information security, and even intelligence and analysis.

  • International travel security and protection. Because of their status, VIPs are extremely vulnerable everywhere they go, especially when they are traveling. Special precautions are a must for executives who are constantly on the go.

Our team is ready to provide the enhanced protection needed to maintain your personal safety. Our private security services in Mexico include secure transport and armored vehicles, especially for transporting highly valuable people and materials.

  • Residential and estate security. Your home should be a haven of safety and comfort and our team is here to make sure of that. We provide residential security services which include access control, surveillance, and home invasion protection.

Your estate will be manned by low-profile agents in plainclothes who are trained to protect your house and its inhabitants with the utmost discretion.

The World Protection Group is a trusted name in private security services in Mexico and other parts of the world.

This is possible with our worldwide network of partners who are as committed as we are to providing the luxury security protection that VIPs deserve.

Need Security Protection in Mexico?

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Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.

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