Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

The World Protection Group performs security risk and vulnerability assessments as a crucial and necessary first step when beginning a new security engagement for individuals or organizations.  In addition, as a leading full-service security firm and recognized authority in the field, we are often called upon to perform security risk and vulnerability assessments as a standalone service.

We can help you figure out if a security risk and vulnerability assessment would be appropriate for your situation.  Please submit a Contact Form, or call us directly at (+1) 310-390-6646.

What is a Security Site Assessment?

A Security Site Assessment or Security Audit determines if the current protective measures in place around a facility or residence are appropriate for the risk environment and are consistent with best practices. We also identify, via gap analysis, any weak points in security and provide sound, robust recommendations for the enhancement of security procedures.

Part 1 – Interviews: An assessment is framed by an initial series of interviews. For residential properties, these are with owners, relevant staff, and appropriate law enforcement officials. For commercial properties, they are with security employees, key management, and appropriate law enforcement officials. The objective of these interviews is to identify key issues, internal and external threats, and crime problems or other issues that may affect the location.

Part 2 – Physical Assessment: We perform at least one customized on-site inspection, taking as a starting point, as appropriate, the following areas:

  • Current security procedures
  • Analysis of the routes leading to and from the premises
  • Access control measures and procedures
  • Physical security of perimeters
  • Physical security of offices and parking
  • Illumination (external and internal)
  • Electronic security measures (alarms, panic buttons, CCTV, etc.)
  • Personnel security issues and protective measures
  • Exposure of critical assets
  • Measures are taken to protect intellectual property and other sensitive information

Part 3 – Categorization: The assessment then categorizes the threats and identifies their source, capability, motivators and likely triggers.

Part 4 – Analysis: Each risk is mapped onto an Impact/Likelihood matrix. The five levels of impact (insignificant, minor, moderate, major, extreme) are matrixed with the five levels of likelihood (rare, unlikely, credible, likely, almost certain).

Part 5 – Evaluation: The Risks are prioritized for treatment based on the client’s risk tolerance.
Part 6 – Risk Treatment: The World Protection Group then designs a treatment strategy designed to support the client’s objectives, processes, and activities, allowing for continuous monitoring of its effectiveness.

This process is directed by the World Protection Group’s proprietary “All Threat / Hazard Vulnerability Assessment” tool, produced for security professionals after ten years of research and development.  The final report also relies on intelligence resources subject matter experts, best-known practices and methodologies derived from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

WPG Services

The World Protection Group makes use of a multidisciplinary approach in looking at security from every angle, which is essential in doing risk and vulnerability assessment. We cover all bases, from the physical environment and human element to the role that technology plays in situations.

Effective and efficient security starts with knowing your vulnerabilities well. The World Protection Group can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses by looking at various scenarios, from executive protection to facility security.

Our decades of experience in risk assessment delivered by the best people in the field will help you anticipate possible sources of new threats.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology

We begin our risk and vulnerability assessment methodology by conducting an in-depth security review. Our time-tested methodology allows us to look at current areas of exposure and security incidents that happened in the past. From there, we identify potential vulnerabilities. We interview employees and other essential individuals to get critical information and insights about your organization’s policies, procedures, and situations.

After that, we initiate a gap analysis to isolate areas and point out where your security process fails to meet industry best practices.

We recommend measures that you should implement in order to mitigate areas of your vulnerability and lessen your risks. You have to make sure that your organization, staff, and infrastructure are well prepared for physical security risks such as workplace violence, corporate espionage, theft, and terrorism.

Multidisciplinary expertise is required for having the most productive approach in addressing facility and company security. This is what the security professionals at The World Protection Group possess.

Our specialties in risk and vulnerability assessment include but not limited to physical and corporate security services, information, and infrastructure. 

This level of expertise enables our team to analyze the likelihood of any threat and then make corresponding action plans. We will recommend appropriate security measures and if necessary, implement the solutions ourselves.

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Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.

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