Los Angeles has always had a reputation for having a certain amount of crime always churning through the city. However, now the entire county, not just Los Angeles city itself, is experiencing a terrifying hike in crime. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, certain types of crime are experiencing a rise of as much as 60%. 

One type of crime that is noticeably on the rise is robbery, which is up 60% from 2019. Worse still, 36% of robberies included the use of a firearm. This is not only high-end retail shops and mansions being broken into. People walking down the street who might have jewelry, or a flashy watch are now also targets for violent crime and robberies. 

Unfortunately, legislation is not making an impact. Gun control laws simply do not go to the heart of the issue. Laws that limit access to guns often put in place background checks and permitting. However, law abiding citizens have no issue with following these laws and will go through all the steps in order to acquire their legal firearm. The issue is that the ‘bad guys’ will never bother to even consider these laws and legislations in the first place. And in reality, there is no need for them to legally purchase a firearm. Guns can be bought in literal minutes on many streets around Los Angeles and these guys often have their own supply networks as well. 

Therefore, legislation is not protecting you from guns, which explains why crime is always on the rise in Los Angeles. Even worse, police departments across the entire country are losing their funding and have less access to crucial resources. This means that they cannot always offer a quick or effective response to even the most important calls.

It may seem terrifying that guns are everywhere on the street despite gun control laws and that the police are struggling to keep up with the pace of crime. This leads to many not knowing how they can protect themselves, their family, and their property. Private security is the best solution to this pressing problem.

Elite Executive Protection

Professional executive protection companies design their services around client needs, which can change depending on the city. For Los Angeles and its climbing crime rate, a security detail may be on higher alert when the client is in a busy or more dangerous part of town. 

 An executive protection company will also carry out a thorough assessment of the client’s needs. This includes evaluating their property, weak spots in habit or existing security, and understanding local crime patterns and rates in the area surrounding the client’s property. This is absolutely essential to understand better what security and protection needs exist for every single client.

Executive protection agents have hundreds–if not thousands–of hours of specialized training in order to acquire the absolutely necessary skills and instincts to be in the field. Protection agents know how to stay constantly aware of their surroundings and always have a choreographed escape route in mind. This ensures that the client is always kept safe and risks can be prevented and avoided rather than engaged with. 

Nothing compares to the response rate of personal executive protection agents. They are by their client’s side whenever needed and are trained to preempt and respond. The police cannot compete with this and regular security guards in public areas are not trained, equipped, or empowered to act either.

Additional Executive Protection Services

Elite executive protection goes above and beyond regular security teams. Clients can receive additional, important services which elevate and enhance their security tenfold. For a better understanding of the types of services you can expect from elite protection companies, keep reading.

Drone Security

This is one of the most creative steps the protection industry has taken is the introduction of drone technology into the security roster. Drones are a highly effective and efficient method of security. With armed home invasions and robberies on the rise, drones can be the perfect way to prevent trespassers from even entering the property. Regular drone patrols can be very intimidating for criminals, and they will likely panic at the sight of a drone heading their way. Drones allow a security team in a control room to see the entire property in a matter of minutes and spot threats. They can also use a sound system to alert the trespasser or criminal that they will be removed from the property and that the police or protection team are on their way. 

Home Security Assessment

Before the home can be regularly monitored, a good executive protection agent will survey and assess the property in a comprehensive way. This allows the expert team to identify any weak areas or blind spots in the security which can then be remedied by the team. There may need to be some lifestyle changes considered to really bolster security, but this can be discussed and agreed with the client.

Enhanced Privacy

Billionaires, celebrities and high-profile executives are often targeted by dangerous individuals in person and online. Despite security teams, these individuals can be seen as easy targets for robberies and the payout is often very high.

In order to protect clients even more, the World Protection Group offers elite privacy services for select clients. These services are concerned with creating a more anonymous life and stripping personal information off the internet and public records. The client is often left feeling more secure and confident in their own home as they know their address and information is being kept safely out of the hands of criminals.

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