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The World Protection Group, Inc (WPG) is a leader in the security industry offering security consulting services and via their consulting unit provides services that complement in-house or contract security consultants. Our objective is to provide clients with an unbiased view of complex security issues, independent of their own security consulting services and investigative services. This has proven to be the distinguishing factor of maintaining the security and safety of a facility as we want our Clients to have the information and resources necessary in making fundamental business decisions.

Security Site Assessment

A Security Site Assessment determines if the current protective measures in place around the premises are appropriate for the risk environment and are consistent with best practices. WPG’s objective is to identify (via gap analysis) any weak points in security and to provide sound, robust recommendations for the enhancement of security procedures.

Part 1 Interviews: The assessment will be framed by an initial series of interviews. For residential properties, these are with owners, any relevant staff and appropriate law enforcement officials. For commercial properties, these interviews are with security and safety employees, key management and appropriate law enforcement officials. The objective of these interviews is to identify key issues, internal and external threats and any current crime problems or other issues that may affect the location.

Part 2 Physical Assessment: The following is a general list of areas to be inspected on site:

Categorize: The assessment will categorize the threats and identify their source, capability, motivators and likely triggers.

Analyze: WPG will map each risk on an Impact/Likelihood matrix. The five levels of impact (insignificant, minor, moderate, major, extreme) will be matrixed with the five levels of likelihood (rare, unlikely, credible, likely, almost certain).

Evaluate: The Risks are prioritized for treatment based on the Client’s risk tolerance.

Risk Treatment: WPG will design a treatment strategy designed to support the Client’s objectives, processes, and activities, allowing continuous monitoring of its effectiveness.

WPG Data Mining and Presentation Tools: WPG firmly believes that professionals can be much more effective in conducting risk assessments and security reviews when they use dynamic tools. After ten years of research and development, WPG produced the “All Threat / Hazard Vulnerability Assessment” tool for security professionals. The final report relies on intelligence resources subject matter experts, best-known practices and methodologies derived from FEMA and ASIS.

Security/Executive Protection Audit

WPG provides both security and executive protection audits, which extensively analyze corporate headquarters, executive protection, security programs, and the personal security protocol of Executives. The Audit uses executive protection techniques modeled after the U.S. Secret Service procedures and policies, and operational methods that are meant to provide protection, as well as recruit and hire agents. WPG aims to create a consistent body of knowledge concerning executive protection and provides a written report with recommendations to the client upon the conclusion of the audit.

Vulnerability Assessment

WPG provides vulnerability assessments to determine the likelihood of possible threats to improve current security practices, and to recommend physical improvements. The vulnerability assessment analyzes access control and perimeter security, emergency preparedness, alarm/camera systems as well as evaluates current security systems already in place. The assessment provides a framework for security planners and policymakers to protect against vulnerabilities that pose threats to facility systems.

The assessment is intended for security planners, policymakers, and experts who work directly within facility systems in both governmental and corporate capacities.  WPG believes that the security industry currently faces a complex security problem that is compromised of the openness of the facility, the unpredictability of terrorist attacks, the continual evolution of risk as terrorists learn and improve on their capabilities, and the finite resources for security provisions.

The assessment takes into account that a facility may have considerable vulnerabilities because of its defined periods of use, designated access points, storage of sensitive personal information, minimal security forces, and numerous avenues of penetration and escape for attackers. Risk analysis is a central activity in the security assurance of critical infrastructures and mass transit systems. The results of risk analysis are crucial in guiding the design of surveillance and protection systems. Risk analysis is commonly performed using qualitative approaches, based on expert judgment and limited ranges for risk attributes (e.g. low, average, high). Model-based quantitative approaches can be used in conjunction to determine the risk indices by taking into account the frequency of occurrence of threats (e.g. by looking at historical data) and analyzing determining the consequences (e.g. damage of assets, service interruption, physical injuries, etc.).

Threat Management

Stalking, workplace threats and violence, theft and extortion are realities in today’s society. Protecting your employees, family and yourself requires vigilance and attention to warning signs. WPG trained and highly experienced security consultant experts have the resources to determine the validity of the associated risks and can provide guidance to minimize the threat. Through a series of proven processes, WPG experts can quickly conduct a vulnerability and threat assessment of the situation and develop a threat management plan and course of action.

WPG experts work closely with law enforcement to collect information, gather potential evidence and monitor communications. If necessary, the threat management plan will outline increased security measures and a plan of action based on the developing threat. WPG experts will offer advice regarding quick response options, legal recourse, liability issues and other measures to disrupt the pattern of threats to resolve the problem.

If the circumstances warrant, this appraisal will include an independent threat assessment by Threat Assessment Group, Inc. (TAG), whose behavioral analysts are leading forensic psychiatrists, forensic psychologists, and former FBI profilers. TAG’s recommendations will help target our approach, helping us to provide even more efficient and effective Protective and Threat Management services.


Surveillance allows our clients to make observations and accumulate data that can be useful for the protection of themselves, their assets, and their investigations. It identifies and minimizes the presence of a hostile environment. By analyzing surveillance data, preventative and proactive measures can be developed.

WPG Surveillance Officers have robust security backgrounds with the majority having prior law enforcement experience. We have worked a significant number of surveillance engagements, and we are experts in the art of discretely gathering information and evidence. WPG can deliver proof of fraud on video (if any) as well as daily reports of hourly activity of the person under surveillance. Our Surveillance Officers are also available to testify in court, if necessary.

Background Checks

The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) – a full-service, international firm specializing in executive security – protects clients from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. The firm’s philosophy and techniques are based on the U.S. Secret Service method of proactive and preventative protection.

Corporate Security Program

WPG wants to ensure that employees and guests feel safe at a corporate facility by managing threats, facilitating procedures for guests entering/exiting the facilities, monitoring access control, and providing both physical and electronic security. WPG suggests open, continuous dialogue concerning security and WPG security personnel.

From time to time, corporations will receive inappropriate correspondence via letter, email/internet, phone call, text, unwanted visitor, and packages. WPG highly recommends training corporate staff on how to handle these kinds of materials. The training will ensure that all threatening materials go directly to WPG Corporate Headquarters to be analyzed in collaboration with law enforcement and renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz – a WPG partner. Once a threat level is established,  WPG develops a strategy to manage the threat. In addition, WPG will create a crisis management plan to identify procedures, emergency supplies and emergency notification procedures.

Yacht Security

WPG offers services to companies and individuals to minimize the risk and liability of their Yachts. We have the resources to provide close protection, consulting and training, including Maritime Security for Vessel Personnel or Maritime Asymmetric Threat. Training can be customized for a Client’s vessel, fleet and facility by incorporating aspects of operations and the security plan; This is particularly effective when conducted in conjunction with exercises, drills or hard security challenges.

We can provide you with assessments and security plans including:

Technical Counter Measures

Sweeps / Bug Detection

Investigators will conduct visual, electronic, and physical investigations of systems that may be affected by technical surveillance measures. If any security problems are found, investigators can use counter measures or gather evidence so that the company or individual can pursue legal action against those individuals involved in the technical security breach.

Our team will:

To properly secure a single executive office for corporate or government clients we recommend at least six sweeps per year. These sweeps should be evenly spaced out on a quasi-random basis, including one annual comprehensive (three to seven day) sweep and an annual or quarterly comprehensive physical security audit.

A full report with photographs, comments on physical/information security, access to IT network, overlook, and acoustics is provided.

Narcotics and Explosive Search

the WPG team can search and detect minute traces of cocaine, opiates (e.g. heroin and morphine), cannabis (e.g. marijuana and hashish) and amphetamine-type stimulants (amphetamine, ecstasy and methamphetamine).

Our explosive detection search will utilize: the E.L.I.T.E.™ Model EL100 which is the only product sensitive to a broad range of explosives as well as inexpensive, reliable, rugged and simple enough to be distributed to every policeman, special forces team, police and military vehicle for on-the-spot testing for trace explosives. The EL100 is currently in use among state and local police as well as the US TSA, FBI, SOCOM and Army. It is also used by commercial security for the protection of power plants, cruise lines, and public transportation.

The new ELITE Model is also used to detect TATP (“Mother of Satan”), HMTD, MEKP and concentrated hydrogen peroxide in solution in one self-contained disposable device. The EL230 is unique in measuring suspect particles and vapors. It will detect trace amounts of peroxide-based explosives and hydrogen peroxide solutions without having to come in contact with a suspect liquid.

In the United States all TSCM services will meet or exceed the technical requirements of the following standards:

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