“How to protect your luxury condominium? Start with a Risk and Vulnerability assessment plus your security must be well trained and not cheap security.”

There is no doubt that living in a luxury condominium can be an amazing experience, there are often incredible facilities and an exclusive lifestyle. However, luxury residences, including condominiums, are often the targets of criminals and burglars. They know that behind those doors might be cash and other assets that can be grabbed for a huge payout later on.

This means that additional security measures should be put into place in order to bolster safety across the condominium. Not only will this enhance protection, but it will also improve the residents’ peace of mind and confidence as they go about their day to day lives.

A high-quality executive protection company will work with clients to ensure that their luxury condominium is thoroughly secure. This is done through a variety of methods and techniques that should not be underestimated. It might not be a cheap process and security detail, but it is certainly worth it in order to keep the client, their family, and their property safe. This also includes how the client is treated by security teams. A high standard of customer service should be provided alongside the world class protection training that guards and agents are hired with.

The gold standard of security needs to be present at luxury condominiums in order to reflect the exterior of the building. Clients and residents deserve to find luxury in all aspects of their lifestyle, including the protection of their property and lives.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Before security can be adequately provided to the client living in a luxury condominium, a careful and thorough risk and vulnerability assessment needs to be carried out at the property. The objective of a risk and vulnerability assessment is to spot any weaknesses in the perimeter and existing property security in order to put a security plan in place

The assessment might also take into consideration the client’s lifestyle to create a plan that covers all areas of the client’s habits, including risks outside the home. For example, if the client travels often, it may be beneficial to set up automated security for when they are away.

The best executive protection companies will carry out these assessments to ensure that all bases are covered and that the protection agents have an in depth knowledge and awareness of the property. This will allow the team to protect the property in an effective and efficient way.

If a security assessment is not carried out, the response to any incident will be ad hoc and unchoreographed. This can lead to big mistakes and inefficiencies. When there are dangers or threats at the residence, you need a high impact and efficient response that will ensure client safety.

Service Culture

In the protection industry, people want to be perceived on the outside as ‘luxury’. The condominium may be beautiful and worth millions, but that does not mean that security is good. In fact, these complexes can often have very poor, minimum level security with the least amount of training. It is likely that these security teams do not even have customer experience training and awareness. This should be a bare minimum for a luxury condominium.

The World Protection Group focuses on not only world class protection training, but also the luxury experience that one would expect to find at the world’s most glamorous and famous hotels. If you are paying for a luxury condominium, then you should have gold standard security and protection too.

The leaders of the World Protection Group truly understand what luxury is. This means that should any incident occur, the tactical response will be effective, but additionally, you will have a protection team that understands exactly what the residents need. They can provide additional services, like getting an uber or taxi, within the security response parameter.

The bottom line is that the security inside the luxury condominium needs to match the outside of the building.

Always Choose Quality Protection

When it comes to your safety and keeping your property or residence safe, quality protection and security is essential. Anyone paying for the lifestyle and experience of a luxury condominium should expect superior security services to match. This means a security team operating at the same level as private protection agents with the people and customer skills needed.

Not only will this create a safer living environment without gaps in the security, but it also goes hand in hand with the luxury and exclusive lifestyle that residents of a luxury condominium expect and deserve.

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