In line with stripped back and underfunded police departments, private security has increased throughout Los Angeles county. There is a huge need for personal protection because communities can no longer rely on the police to protect them or act in a proactive way.

Private security, on the other hand, is designed to address all types of threats with a high level of training. Protection agents also bring with them a depth of understanding of complex issues that police do not have the resources to handle properly.

One instance where a private protection team is much more prepared and able to provide adequate support is with domestic issues. For example, if a couple is splitting up and one party begins to issue threats to their ex-partner, the police may suggest that a restraining order is instantly taken out. This is a surprisingly dangerous thing to do. Consider, the threatening individual may have hit rock bottom at this point and a restraining order could be the instance that drives this individual over the edge.

Domestic relationships and situations are incredibly difficult to manage due to the emotions involved. Police cannot be equipped to handle this type of situation and likely have no training on the warning signs and risks to look out for.

Elite executive protection agents, however, have training that encompasses a huge variety of situations and circumstances and are trained to be aware of warning signs. They can act to diffuse the situation while keeping both parties safe and separated.

When domestic situations and restraining orders are involved, clients and their protection agents should be consulting with forensic psychologists to understand the partner’s state of mind and know how best to proceed with a minimum threat level.

Instant Response to Threats

Executive protection is designed to provide an  instant and effective response to any type of threat, including blackmail, burglary, and physical threats. Clients can no longer wait for police to respond because sometimes the police will not come to the scene at all and most of the time will be too late to do anything.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is the first priority of an executive protection team. They will take the necessary steps to lay down a strong security foundation within the home and monitor the residence and client when needed and required.

Executive protection agents are highly trained individuals who have the correct instincts to protect first and to only engage with dangerous individuals when absolutely necessary. There is no need to be flashy or violent as a protection agent, only to remove the client from harm’s way as quickly as possible.

Resources and Expertise

Executive protection companies like the World Protection Group have experts and resources at our fingertips to keep our clients safe and threats at bay. This goes above and beyond what any police force could ever accomplish.

For example, when a client receives an anonymous or threatening letter or email, a police force would not have the ability or funding to respond or investigate. A private executive protection team, however, can investigate fully. This means translating when necessary and doing everything possible to discover the identity of the sender.

Forensic psychologists and FBI profilers may also get involved to discover  the intent and state of mind of the sender. This can be vital to determine the difference between an online troll and a true, criminal threat with real intention behind their words.

For high profile individuals, celebrities and millionaires this kind of quick intervention is absolutely necessary. These types of clients have many dangerous individuals following them and  willing to risk their safety  and wellbeing, including trespassers, stalkers, and those who are mentally unstable and even violent. A dedicated executive protection team will stay alert to all of these types of threats and take the needed steps to enhance security where needed.

Keeping clients’ properties secure is also an essential aspect of any good security detail. Property security and protection is not just limited to monitoring cameras and patrolling the grounds. Security systems and devices need to be methodically installed to cover the enter property.

Additionally security features, such as canine or drone protection can also be added to a client’s security detail where necessary. Drones are particularly clever and useful for any client with a large residence and grounds. It allows the protection team to carry out regular and widespread patrols across the whole area. The pilot can also identify threats and often scare them away from the property through the use of speaker systems. 

Choosing Executive Protection

These days no one can rely on police response to save the day. The police cannot keep up with calls and the demand for help due to poor funding and even laws that hinder their powers. Turning to executive protection is the best thing any client can do. It ensures that the client, their loved one, and their property is kept incredibly secure and protected at all times.

Executive protection details can be tailored to clients’ specific needs and the level of security that they need depending on threat and risk levels. Furthermore, the World Protection Group offers a wide range of additional services and security features that enhance client safety. This includes our expert anonymous lifestyle services which create a crucial added layer of security and privacy for our elite clients and billionaires.

Having the resources and expert knowledge of an executive protection team cannot be underestimated. It ensures that all aspects of a client;s life is kept protected, including sensitive and private information that could lead to blackmailing or reputational damage. This comprehensive approach to security and protection is what sets the World Protection Group apart in the industry and raises the standard across the board.

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