How to Protect Your Clients from Threats? Executive Protection Proactive vs Law Enforcement Reactive

In recent years, there has been a worrying spike in crime in Los Angeles County and surrounding regions. This is due to a number of factors, including cuts to police funding and laws that hinder the police force’s ability to take action. Unfortunately, this means that everyone in these communities is at a greater risk of being a victim of crime, from theft and home invasion to more violent crimes such as assault. 

Law enforcement can no longer operate in a way that is proactive and can protect citizens from risks and threats. Instead, they only have the resources to react and respond, sometimes long after the criminal has left the scene of the crime.

For example, if a threatening letter is sent to a client’s home, the police will typically do nothing and just wait for an escalation of the crime to take place. On the other hand, private security will go above and beyond to ascertain where the letter came from, the motives and mental state of the sender, and how to take necessary steps to minimize the threat. Additional resources, such as forensic psychiatrists or FBI profilers, would also be brought in to make this a smooth and quick process in order to end a threat as soon as possible.

Therefore, more than ever, high profile clients and executives require a very high level of protection that can take the proactive steps to ensure they are kept safe, secure, and with their privacy maintained as well.


Personnel and Property Assessment

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to executive protection. Every client will have their own set of needs, priorities and challenges. The protection team will also have to tailor their approach depending on the client’s lifestyle which may require a more focus on privacy measures for example.

Due to this, a thorough assessment should be carried out by protection experts to ensure that all bases are covered adequately. This may require delving deeper to have a better understanding of the client’s lifestyle and routine and when protection agents will need to be on hand to add additional security. For some clients, this might mean around the clock protection.

A very in depth assessment should also be carried out of the client’s residence. This is essential for thorough and consistent security across the property. It is not enough to kit out the residence with expensive security equipment and cameras if their use is not being maximized with careful placement. No gaps in the property should be allowed or blindspots created where intruders or threats might sneak past, rendering all the equipment useless. 

Following the assessment, the protection detail is able to offer the right services and level of protection to each client, their family, and property.


Enhanced and Comprehensive Security

Some people mistakenly imagine that executive protection is just about protection agents guarding their clients and their homes. Elite executive protection is far more comprehensive and makes certain that all aspects of the client’s life are kept safe and secure, including privacy and sensitive information. There are many different types of threats out there facing high profile executives, billionaires and celebrities which is why this level of protection is required.

The World Protection Group chooses to be at the forefront of the industry, being creative and innovative when it comes to our clients’ protection. One of the most modern security features available today is drone technology. Drones are perfect for clients who have a large residence that needs to be monitored to ensure its security. They are also very cost effective as they can be flown by a single pilot from a control room. This means that regularly scheduled patrols of the grounds can take place in a very efficient and thorough manner.

Drones have also advanced to include speakers. When an intruder or trespasser is spotted on the premises, a pilot can fly out the drone and alert the intruder that they have been found, are being monitored, and that the police are on their way. For many trespassers, this is a terrifying encounter and will send them running without putting any clients or agents in danger.

With the World Protection Group, you will have protection agents who are always proactive with client security and protection. Protection agents do not wait for a threat to present themselves. Instead, through hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of specialist training, executive protection agents understand how to always be hyper aware of surroundings and threat levels. They know how to not only protect their client from risks, but to ensure the client is not put in a risky situation in the first place.

When a threat does arise, a properly trained executive protection agent knows exactly how to keep their client safe in a proactive way that preempts any danger. This means getting the client as far away from danger as quickly as possible. There often is no need to engage with a dangerous individual when the client is removed from the situation in an effective and quick way.


Choosing Executive Protection for You and Your Family

When it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe, you can no longer rely on law enforcement to protect you. The police simply do not have the  time and resources to respond quickly enough to all the calls they receive.

Personal executive protection is the best option that will keep everyone safe and all residences completely protected well. Through an executive protection company like the World Protection Group, your physical safety as well as mental wellbeing can be protected. This is through our additional services that enhance client privacy and information protection.

Our protection and security experts fully understand that all aspects of our clients’ lives need to be protected and kept safe. That is why we do not stop at physically protecting, but also look at how our clients’ lifestyles can adjust to better protect their information. For instance, we can help our clients remove identifying information from online profiles and ensure that they only use very secure search engines and email and messaging platforms. 

The holistic approach to protection is the only way to ensure a client’s complete safety and make certain that they feel confident in their own home and day to day activities. Choosing executive protection means that threats and risks are not even a part of the equation because agents and protection teams work in a proactive and aware way at all times.

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