8bb1c877fb2aaad23a7c537a99b5478aWPG 10 Question to Ask Before Selecting a Uniformed Protective Services Firm

Security is a highly regulated industry with specific licensing and insurance requirements. Make sure you understand what they are and how they affect you before making your decision on a firm.

9e205b18c2ff21ca206904636b020e3cWPG 10 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on an Executive Protection Firm

Executive Protection is a specific academy different from law enforcement or the military. This brochure takes you through some of the important issues to consider when hiring close protection agents.

2fccb4f258f4e7afe9d590816edaab70WPG Armed Security Agent Training

For clients that require armed security, WPG provides Armed Security Agents that have completed the following firearms training and hold all appropriate permits.

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WPG provides security consulting services for corporate, sovereign, high profile and high net-worth individuals and their families. WPG is a leader in the security industry and via their consulting unit provides services that supplement in-house or contract security. Our objective is to provide clients with an unbiased view of complex security issues, independent from their own security and investigative services.

53d32e6b55e1ce6db8eb01ff4c5d1fc1WPG Executive Protection

The World Protection Group – a full-service international firm specializing in executive security – protects clients from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. The firm’s philosophy and techniques emphasize proactive and preventative protection using methods based on the U.S. Secret Service.

94a945fdd4297dc5f8a6ad524f76ac57WPG Executive Protection Agent Training

All WPG Executive Protection Agents have 600+ hours of training from an accredited institution of close protection. The areas of training are included in the attached brochure.

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WPG offers a full suite of security services, including close protection services, estate and corporate security, uniformed protective services, consulting and world-class training.

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The World Protection Group – a full service international firm providing Estate and Corporate security – protects clients and their assets with Agents of the highest caliber, possessing the communication skills and discretion required to work in environments where appearance matters and frequent interaction with highly successful individuals is common.

8f08c8e7441ab2080336f5a9f0c23578WPG Unarmed Security Officer/Agent Training

WPG Officers and Agents are all trained in the modules listed on the attached brochure. WPG offers refresher training to all of its employees on a bi-monthly basis.

92949c05600ddae89aedf6cb2c9e34daWPG Uniformed Protective Services

The World Protection Group – a full-service, international firm that provides the highest level of uniformed protective services – enhances clients’ security, public image, and safety of employees, customers, facilities, and assets. The firm’s focus on hiring and training allows WPG to provide the highest quality security in the industry.