Corporate Security Services for Offices and Companies

The World Protection Group provides comprehensive corporate security services for organizations’ corporate offices, information, and movable property. Our mission is to enhance your company’s security, public image, and the safety of your employees, customers, facilities, and assets.

We help organizations protect themselves against both external and internal threats.  External threats include attacks from outside your organization against your employees and others who visit your office, theft of physical or intellectual property, and vandalism (a category that includes everything from graffiti to arson).  Internal threats cover similar areas, but are triggered by employees themselves.

Security for Corporate Offices and Property

Our engagements usually begin with a comprehensive site audit or security threat and vulnerability analysis of your corporate offices and property to allow us to identify, priority, and address sources of risk. Our philosophy is based on that of the U.S. Secret Service, emphasizing proactive and preventative security.  Implementation will often include both electronic security systems and trained executive protection agents to manage access control and respond to threats, as well as optimizing your security policies and procedures and providing security awareness training for your employees.

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Office Security: Executive Protection and Security Agents

The World Protection Group Executive Protection Agents are among the most highly-trained and qualified in the industry.  They are trained to deter and address threats, not just alert authorities. Many have military experience, preferably with special forces, as well as extensive training in martial arts and tactical firearm experience. They are also able to respond to medical emergencies and are all certified in Emergency First Aid/CPR and AED.

All of our agents have graduated from an accredited U.S. executive protection academy, meet all Bureau of Security & Investigations (BSIS) requirements, and pass regular background checks, drug testing, and comprehensive psychological assessments.

We explicitly do not supply “bodyguards”.  Executive protection is not about fighting, using a gun, or hiring an off-duty policeman.  It is proactive and preventative so that no security incident ever occurs.

Office Security: Threat Management

Many organizations will from time to time receive potentially threatening correspondence via letter, email/internet, phone call, text, unwanted visitor, or packages. We maintain ongoing training for your staff on how to recognize and handle such materials, including but not limited to referring such correspondence to our corporate headquarters for analysis in collaboration with law enforcement and renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz – a World Protection Group partner.  We then develop a strategy to manage the threat.  Read more about our approach to threat management and investigations here.

Office Security: Reputation, Liability, and Risk

We are conscious that while protecting your corporate offices and property, our executive protection agents are also representing your brand.  All of our agents are also trained in public relations, image management, conduct, attitude, and appearance.

While they are trained to operate with discretion, it is sometimes unavoidable that our agents become exposed to confidential or sensitive information about your company, officers, or employees. Every agent is bound by a strictly-enforced confidentiality agreement.

In addition, we maintain comprehensive workers’ compensation and armed liability insurance to minimize your risk and liability. One mistake many companies make is to rely on in-house security (a source of potential risk) or poorly-trained or poorly-compensated security guards.  This can cause more problems than it solves.

The World Protection Group has provided security for some of the most prominent companies in the U.S. since 2001, and has never had a breach of confidentiality, agent misconduct, or theft.

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Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.

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