Crime in Los Angeles is increasing and getting more dangerous. Clients want highly trained armed private security and personal protection services.

Los Angeles is becoming an increasingly dangerous city and wider area of California. In fact, it has been reported that violent crime is up by 60% according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Unfortunately, this high crime rate coincides with police forces across the country receiving less funding and resources to carry out their duty to protect and serve. This leaves some neighborhoods and regions, like Los Angeles, very exposed to crime of all natures.

Even more, there are some laws in California specifically which make it almost impossible to prosecute thefts if they come up under $1000. This can lead to slower or no response rates from police when you alert them to a break in at your residence.

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Highly Trained and Armed Security

When it comes to crime and threats, the police are no longer the best option for who you should turn to. Now, it is far more effective and safer to choose a highly trained and armed security team who can be proactive about your protection, preempting and preventing dangers before they can ever happen.

Different Types of Security Teams

There are different levels of security and protection available and while each level has its own purposes and uses, they are not all the same and some have more abilities than others.

When the word security team is mentioned, most people will first think of security guards. The type of guard you will find at public spaces or venues or patrolling large commercial buildings. These guards have very minimal training, sometimes as little as two days’ worth, and are unarmed. They are also not allowed to interfere if they see a crime taking place. Their job is to observe an area and monitor it. They can then alert the public authorities should they witness a crime.

The problem here is that the police might not respond quickly enough or at all. This is especially true when it is a burglary or theft because it may not be prosecutable and therefore the police do not have the resources to pursue the call effectively. Security guards like this are still useful and may sometimes deter crime, but they will not be able to keep you safe.

Then there are executive protection agents. These are the elite security options, usually chosen by millionaires, celebrities and high-profile executives who need personal and tailored security teams. Executive protection agents provide armed and comprehensive security services that will keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe and crime-free.

These agents have had hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of specialized training. This means they have a full understanding of how to always put client safety first and minimizing the need to ever use their weapon. Elite executive protection agents can use their training, instincts, and choreographed responses to remove clients from harm’s way quickly and effectively.

The fact that executive protection agents are armed provides an additional layer of security and confidence in the services. However, the best protection agents hardly ever have the need to use or even show their weapon.

Keep reading to learn more about the services that elite protection companies can provide.

Additional Protection 

Executive protection in Los Angeles goes above and beyond what many people imagine traditional ‘bodyguards’ to do. Protection agents are empowered to take client safety into their own hands, monitoring the client’s residence, accompanying them whenever needed, and looking at innovative ways to further their client’s privacy and security.

One of the most innovative techniques used by the World Protection Group is drone security. Drones are very cost effective, and WPG has the required authorization for its pilots to do regular and advanced patrols. A pilot can sit in the security control room and still monitor and patrol the entire residence and grounds. This means any weaknesses in security– such as areas where a fence or gate may be penetrable – can be quickly spotted and remedied. Drones can also identify trespassers and use loudspeakers to alert the trespasser that they need to immediately remove themselves from the property and that the police are on their way.

All this can be done remotely from the control room. However, an elite protection team still does all the vital hands-on aspects of the job as well. This includes assessing the property for how best to monitor and patrol it and ensuring the client is safe as they go about their daily life.

For billionaire clients, The World Protection Group offers 001 services which are aimed at creating a private and anonymous lifestyle. This is a surefire way to minimize the risk of violence reaching the client, even in a place like Los Angeles where crime is spiking.

The anonymous lifestyle is designed to keep every aspect of the client’s life private and out of public knowledge. That includes email and home addresses, phone numbers, and any record of correspondences. This added layer of exclusive security has been tested by WPG’s security and protection experts to ensure it is bulletproof.

Choosing the Right Executive Protection Company 

It is understandable that at a time where crime is increasing in California, that many celebrities and high net worth individuals want the biggest and strongest looking security team. Many people think this will make them look tough and will dispel crime. However, often the biggest bodyguard is relying on his looks and lacks real, proper training as well as good instincts.

Instead, clients should be choosing an executive protection company that performs to the highest standards in the industry, sets a professional tone for all its agents, and ensures that regular training is always going on. This is a winning combination that will keep clients safe and protected from all types of crime. Choosing an elite protection company will also mean that while the agents are armed, they only use or display their weapon when necessary.

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