Law enforcement agencies may partner with Armed private security companies for several reasons. 

Enhanced Resources and Expertise:

Collaboration facilitates the sharing of resources and knowledge. Private security companies often concentrate on fields like physical security, cyber security, or drone surveillance, offering extra expertise and information to support law enforcement initiatives.

Quick Response:

Because private security may be stationed on-site or have rapid deployment capabilities, they can respond to crises quickly. This can help avoid or lessen possible risks when a quick response is required.

Extended Coverage:

Armed private security companies can offer more protection where police enforcement might not have as much access. This is especially crucial when protecting sensitive infrastructure, events, or private assets that aren’t usually the main focus of police enforcement.

Customized Services:

Private security companies frequently provide specialized services catered to specific businesses or hazards. This specialism can help handle particular security issues that law enforcement might need the means or know-how to resolve.

Crime Prevention: Armed Security is a deterrent 

Strategies for preventing crime can benefit from cooperative efforts. Law enforcement and private security can collaborate to put preventative measures into place, exchange intelligence, and develop a more thorough strategy to discourage criminal activity.


Collaboration is economically advantageous for both public and private organizations. Resource allocation can be optimized with the help of shared duties and resources, benefiting all parties by increasing efficiency.

Sharing of Information:

Information exchanged between law enforcement and private security is essential to practical cooperation. By sharing data, it is possible to detect new dangers, trends in criminal activity, and other hazards, which can aid with more planned and proactive actions.

Public Safety:

Ultimately, increased public safety results from law enforcement and private security cooperation. Together, they can protect public and private interests by fostering a more secure environment.

The Dangers of Anti-Police Mentality

There is a vicious cycle of these anti-police sentiments among politicians, stringment recruitment standards for law enforcement, and a declining interest in joining the police force. This predicament is particularly evident in major cities. Conversely, in smaller towns and rural areas, law enforcement continues to enjoy support, fostering a greater willingness among individuals to pursue careers in policing.

Compounding the issue is the departure of police officers from the force due to dissatisfaction with their current circumstances and the negative public perception surrounding their profession. Furthermore, the increasing presence of illegal immigrants poses substantial financial and safety challenges. Consequently, cities like New York and Los Angeles find themselves compelled to further reduce budgets for law enforcement, as the financial strain hampers their ability to maintain public safety..

How Cities Keep Their Residents Safe

A few options are available to ensure that residents remain safe despite these terrible budget cuts and the lack of officers who can respond to crimes.

One option is to go to armed security companies, which is cheaper than deploying policemen, who have a lot of benefits and perks. The police department partners with a good security company with agents adequately trained in what the police want them to do. This means that the armed security officers might not be making arrests, but they will stop crime and act as a deterrent to crime.

For example, if you have one police officer in a patrol car, you can have an armed security person ride alongside him or even use a separate security patrol car and act essentially as a contracted partner. If fewer police and fewer patrols are happening, then having an armed security person can double the chances of a safe arrest.

Another positive effect of this partnership is when there is a use of force or deadly force incident. The security officer will be there to support him and have his back; he will have the training needed to use the weapon, pepper spray, or baton, and the police officer will feel much more supported and confident.

Armed Security is the Best Solution to Filling the Gap in Police Department

The solution is evident: if police and sheriff departments nationwide face a shortage of a thousand officers, they should consider hiring a thousand armed and well-trained security personnel to bridge the gap and provide support to law enforcement.

For those hesitant about engaging a private company, alternative options exist. Some police departments already integrate armed security within their ranks, and these units can expand by hiring more armed security officers.

Police departments can no longer afford to wait and rely on the expectation of new recruits and increased resources. It is imperative to explore these innovative alternatives to ensure officers receive adequate support, fostering a sense of safety and security among city residents.

Opting for armed private security officers proves to be the most effective choice. Equipped with executive protection training and instincts, they possess the capability to prevent crimes and apprehend criminals. Many of them are ex-military or former law enforcement personnel, bringing valuable academy training to the field.

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