“Are you thinking of using armed private security or hiring an executive protection company? Read on to learn more about EP companies and how they can help you stay safe and secure. Should need to hire one as soon as possible.”

If you have been keeping tabs on the news, you have likely heard the phrase ‘Defund the Police’ following the aftermath of George Flloyd’s murder. The intention behind this was to defund the police around certain niche services, like mental health checks or vulnerable people, which had not traditionally been a responsibility of the police but had recently been absorbed into their remit. While they intended for these services to be moved to other government departments so the police could focus on defending the public, the reality is very different.

However, the action of defunding the police has had unintended and potentially very dangerous consequences. Now, police cannot perform their usual duties because the resources simply are not there to do so. That means that if you find yourself in a dangerous or potentially violent situation, the police may not reach you quickly enough, putting your safety and your life at serious risk.

In California Governor Gavin Newsom has let out 175,000 criminals from jail.  They have given billions of EDD money to criminals in jail, and passed prop 47 which allows criminals to loot stores as long as they do not steal more than $995.  This has emboldened the criminals and law enforcement cannot respond to many of these crimes.

Hiring an Executive Protection Company Because the Police May Respond Too Late

What can you do to ensure that you stay safe? You have to prevent threats or home invasion before they can happen. You can take the necessary steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property by hiring an executive protection agency. With the right company, like the World Protection Group, you will find highly trained agents who understand both how to preempt risks and how to get you away from dangers without drawing attention or relying on violence or manpower.

With the additional security provided by an executive protection team, you can be confident and comfortable going about your daily life without worrying about your safety or that the police will not reach you in time.

Keep reading to find out how an executive protection company can help you stay safe and secure and why you need to hire one as soon as possible.

How Can You Protect Yourself and Your Family?

When the police are not able to perform their jobs properly due to this type of situation, you may think you have been left in a helpless and hopeless situation. Thankfully, this is not the case and you will be able to ensure you and your loved ones are properly looked after and protected.

When you cannot rely on government officials and police officers to keep you safe, you need to take your safety private. That means hiring an executive protection team to keep you safe and your property secure.

An executive protection company will consult at length with you in order to provide the right amount of protection and security that suits your needs and lifestyle. Your security detail will be able to respect your privacy while providing consistent and thorough security through your property and as you go about your day to day life.

Unlike with the police who are now under staffed due to a lack of resources, you can rest assured that your security detail will not only respond quickly to any potential threat or danger, but in many cases will preempt it and prevent the risk from ever occurring in the first place. This service is unparalleled by any protection police could offer.

Be Proactive

The most important thing to do is to be proactive. Do not wait until the danger is imminent to realize that you need increased security and the support, knowledge, and expertise of an executive protection company.

If you wait, it may be too late and you will find yourself in danger or your home burgled. That is why you have to take your own protection into your own hands and make the decision to hire a protection detail. Being proactive and preempting risks will make sure that you never have to go through these difficult and sometimes traumatic events.

Choose an Executive Protection Agency

It is equally important to understand the different types of security agencies and protection companies out there. In California, a uniformed security guard is entirely different from an armed private security or an executive protection agent.

Many uniformed security guards are not able to carry weapons and have been taught to observe and report any threats or incidents. While this is an important role in many environments, it will not save your life if you are presented with an imminent danger. In fact, this just plays further into the problem: if the uniformed guard reports a threat to police, the police may never show up because they lack resources and are under staffed.

This is why you need to choose executive protection over uniformed security. Protection agents have the training and skills required to actually take action against risks, but also the awareness and instincts to prevent the danger from happening in the first place. You cannot do better than a highly trained executive protection agent who is empowered to respond quickly and effectively to any type of threat to make sure you are kept out of harm’s way.

Look for Skills over Size

Many people that are new to the idea of hiring a security detail believe that they need their protection agents to be as big and intimidating as possible. In fact, a lot of people choose a flashy security agent who shows off their gun or an ex-marine with military training and mindset.

While these types of security agents may seem like the right decision, they often lack the necessary training to be an executive protection agent. For instance, while ex-military agents can be extremely good at their jobs, often times they have more military training rather than executive protection agent training. This can mean that they have a military type response to dangers which can rely on extreme or more dangerous actions than an executive protection agent would take.

With a highly trained and qualified executive protection agent, you will receive the most effective responses to threats and danger that minimize risk and remove you from danger as quickly as possible.

This is why you should always hire your security detail from an executive protection company that values skills and threat awareness over muscles and guns.

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