The World Protection Group is one of the world’s premier executive protection security firms that specializes in every aspect of security with the main focus on corporate and personal threat concerns, random crimes, invasion of privacy, residential security, and other privacy issues one might encounter. Their core approach, strategies, and training methods are based on the US Secret Service model of both preventative and proactive executive security.

WPG is a team of professionals that have extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields, a lot of them have been recognized in the past because of their skills and expertise. Not just that, they also know the importance of confidentiality, that everything being done for the clients is performed with care and discretion.

Aside from being competent in their discipline, rest assured that WPG has a team of security operatives that aren’t only highly skilled in logistics, but even in information technology, organization, and other security aspects as well. That means, even for those who don’t have the luxury to travel without personal assistants, rest assured that WPG will keep you well protected. Thus, they consider themselves as a force multipliers in terms of efficiency, productivity, and logistics.

WPG offers a wide range of ad-on services, such as investigations, access control systems, and even CCTV systems. Rest assured that you’ll be able to get the service you need as their efforts are strictly focused on the implementation and management of on-site security officer programs, specifically made for each client.

WPG is highly flexible, and fully accountable. They do everything to meet the demands of their clients. This gives their clients the privilege to never worry again whenever they face some issues, as WPG will be willing to fix whatever the problem may be in a timely manner.

Unlike other security companies whose main focus is to earn, WPG makes it a point that they maintain the highest levels of accountability for their officers. That means aside from assigning attentive account managers, as well as post supervisors, they also set themselves apart by deploying their team of highly qualified professionals to assess the issue.

Unlike other security companies with a standard rate sheet, WPG evaluates the individual needs of each client before creating a security proposal. During this process, they consider a lot of factors, such as the geographic location, needs, budget, duration, volume of service, and many more. This allows them to formulate a comprehensive proposal with an hourly bill rate for the services to be offered. Rest assured that the evaluation is free of charge.

Last, but definitely not least, the pre-employment screening process of WPG includes a thorough interview process, as well as drug profile, criminal history fingerprint check, and so on. They want to make sure that the security officers who will be working for them has a clean criminal record, so that the future clients will feel at ease.