The decline in law enforcement standards has raised questions about the quality of armed security services.

We regularly hear stories in the news about law enforcement’s use of deadly violence; frequently, these stories showcase events where the violence was unnecessary, going against the ethos of the police, which is to protect and serve the public. 

Law enforcement standards are clearly declining, but this is part of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why? Many major cities have police departments trying and struggling to recruit new officers. The culture has also become incredibly anti-police, which makes this task even more difficult. To get people hired faster, law enforcement agencies begin to lower their standards for admittance.

For instance, when taking a polygraph, the cadet prospect has to disclose if they have ever taken drugs. In many cases, if they have taken marijuana more than a few times or cocaine once, they are immediately disqualified. However, now we see the standards loosened so that potential officers could have taken drugs numerous times and still be allowed into the police force. Of course, this is not happening in every department, but it is an example of how standards can begin to slowly slip in small ways before becoming more serious. 

Lowering standards to attract more candidates has serious consequences, resulting in hiring unqualified or even dangerous individuals.

If you lower the standards on background checks in Law Enforcement, you will have more use of excessive force and deadly force.  

It also includes lowering the standards in the training academy of Law Enforcement. When many politicians are anti-police, lowering the standards will worsen things.

Strict Standards for Private Security 

Private security services have less stringent standards than public law enforcement, making it easier for individuals fired from law enforcement to enter the field. Once they obtain their guard card or firearms permit and pass a basic background check, many security companies deem them hireable. Also, private security training typically involves fewer hours and less detailed instruction compared to law enforcement training, which can result in lower overall standards. Hiring private security agents without comprehensive background checks conducted by the security company or without providing adequate additional training may increase the risk of having potentially dangerous or unqualified personnel on the team

Like with law enforcement, this results in hiring the wrong people. When it comes to private security and protection, this can have hazardous consequences because the agent may make bad tactical decisions simply because they lack the training and awareness to act otherwise. 

In a use of force or deadly force incident, this becomes even more serious as it could involve a high-profile client. 

Law Enforcement and Private Security Must Work Together

In private security, more agents are being attacked and shot than ever before. Therefore, both law enforcement and personal security must adhere to high standards. While this might mean that hiring and training people takes a lot longer, it is worth the effort in the end. By maintaining high standards and providing better training, deadly force and use of force incidents can be significantly reduced, resulting in a safer environment for everyone.

It is essential to elevate the standards for armed security personnel, considering the rise in attacks against them. This will enable them to respond appropriately with the proper force to protect themselves and their clients. The goal is never to use force or deadly force during an entire career in private security. Strict hiring practices and regular training can prevent potential threats from materializing. As a result, armed security guards will be more aware of protocol and have the right tactics to keep their clients safe, and use force only when necessary.

Law enforcement agencies should follow the example of private security services and maintain strict standards and hiring practices. This could have a more positive effect on the public’s perception of the police and ensure the safety of officers themselves.

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