When it comes to keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your property or business safe and secure, you will first need to decide what level of protection is required. In California, there are a number of different types of guards and agents who offer unique skill sets. It is vital that you understand their level of training and response capabilities before you determine who to hire for your protection and security. 

Each type of guard or agent has its advantages, but only an executive protection agent is highly skilled and trained to respond to danger rather than simply observe and alert the authorities to a threat.

Keep reading to learn about the different levels of protection available to you and why you might need a professional executive protection agent.

Misconceptions About Unarmed Security Guards

Many people assume that the average security guard is trained to respond to threats and stop any intruders, thieves, or dangerous individuals in their tracks. 

However, this actually is not the case at all. 

In reality, uniformed unarmed security guards are only trained to observe their surroundings closely and alert authorities or site managers if any threat is perceived. Perhaps unfairly, this has led to the stereotype of lazy or inattentive guards strolling through malls or around office compounds.

In fact, security guards can play a valuable role in keeping premises safe and secure. By watching closely and acting quickly, they add a decent level of security and ensure that an area is looked after.

Additionally, only some security guards are armed, and not always with firearms. Some carry pepper spray, batons, and handcuffs to keep themselves safe while on the job or to perform a citizen’s arrest is absolutely necessary.

Even though security guards are trained to observe and report rather than respond, they are still trained professionals who are valuable within the security sector. But take note: they do not provide the highest level of protection and likely are not enough to keep you safe during high-stress situations.

Legal Pitfalls

One challenge facing the average loss prevention security guard is actually the law – which inhibits or deters a security response. In California, it is very unlikely that the police will investigate any theft under $995 as this will simply result in a citation from the criminal.

In practice, this means that a criminal could feasibly go from shop to shop and steal items worth less than $995 without facing anything more than a slap on the wrist and a citation.

Due to this, security guards, even when armed, are not empowered to respond to theft. Instead, it is simply reported and the criminal carries on with their day.

To have effective security, you need agents who are empowered and trained to respond and stop the thief in their tracks, completing a citizen’s arrest if needed and preventing merchandise or goods from being taken.

The Advantages of an Executive Protection Agent

Executive protection agents provide an entirely different, enhanced level of security. These agents are trained to not only observe, but also to respond and protect effectively, quickly, and with confidence.

At every step of the way, executive protection agents are there to ensure you feel secure and comfortable and are kept completely safe from any potential threat or dangerous situation.

The executive protection agents at World Protection Group undergo the most strenuous training to ensure that their response to any threat is measured, effective, and always keeps the client’s safety as first priority.

The big difference between a security guard and a protection agent is that our protection agents are advanced trained to act and know exactly how to keep their client safe.

Furthermore, executive protection agents are proactive with their approach to security. This means that threats are identified quickly and prevented before a dangerous situation can even be created. Overall, protection agents ensure a safer environment to work and live in.

Personal Security

If you require a personal security guard or agent, then a executive protection agent is your best option. The World Protection Group carefully places each protection agent with a client to ensure a strong professional relationship built on trust and understanding.

Our executive protection agents have extensive training to keep you safe from all types of harm or threat. They are keenly aware of their surroundings and understand how to navigate any and all situations – which means you can remain confident and comfortable no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

An average security guard, even when armed, has no way of achieving this level of security or awareness. It comes with years of intensive and thorough training, regular practice, and a deep knowledge of personal security strategies and tactics. 

Your Security Options

The type of security guard or agent you select will come with their own set of advantages. Not every situation or premises will require an executive protection agent. For instance, some places like malls, parking lots, parks, and small shops will only require a uniformed security guard who will patrol, observe, and deter petty crime.

On the other hand, high-level executives, billionaires, estate security, or specialised business compounds likely require a much higher level of security, which only executive protection agents can provide.

Without a doubt, professional executive protection agents provide the highest level of personal security available and can keep you, your property, and your business safe no matter the threat. Additionally, these agents deter crime and prevent it before it can even take place.

Knowing the level of security and protection you require will enable you to make the best decision when it comes to your security agent. Opting for a protection agent means you will have a professional by your side who understands how to respond to threats, stop them in their tracks, and ensure your personal safety at all times.

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