You just have to quickly scroll through TikTok or YouTube to see Hollywood celebrities and musicians posing with their thug security.

For many Hollywood celebrities, the idea of security allows for spontaneity, a lack of planning and foresight, and a casual approach toward their relationship with security personnel.

High quality protection companies require stringent planning at all times. For instance, the security detail will need to know precisely where the client is planning on going and when. They will then carry out advance work before the celebrity visits these locations. This allows the security detail to formulate how the client will get from Point A to Point B and where accessible escape routes are at any given point. They will also have organized and well-planned ways to protect the client. As a result, potential threats will be thought of and prepared for.

Threats can be simple to avoid. For example, sometimes it is not good to go to the front entrance of a location, especially if there are a bunch of paparazzi or fans around. Not only does this ensure the client’s privacy and security, but it also provides them a better service and experience that day. In addition, clients like getting to and from most locations in a fast and better time management way.

Celebrities often think about good security as simply large, thug-type intimidating people who come across as aggressive, such as bouncers outside of nightclubs. Most of these people don’t have formal executive protection type training. Therefore, they lack the proper instincts and knowledge to keep the client out of harm’s way. Instead, many of these thug security types are reactive and will jump into a potentially violent situation. There are better responses than this for celebrity protection. A trained executive protection agent would remove the client from harm’s way and get them as far away from the danger as possible. “Cover and Evacuate.” They will only get involved in an altercation if necessary or unavoidable.

The following are typical Thug Security behaviors:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Intimidation
  • Escalating threats
  • No formal executive protection training
  • Lack of proper instincts
  • Reactively jumping into a potentially violent situation

The Right Kind of Protection

Executive protection training goes above and beyond. In many ways, it is a secret service type of protection. The goal is never to push and shove or get into aggressive situations. They should be doing their job in a very low-profile way and always minimize the risk. This should all be organized thoroughly. Every place they go, they already know precisely how they are getting there and how they would immediately leave should a threat emerge at any possible moment.

Recently, a celebrity had a medical emergency, and the security team struggled to find how to get to the hospital. This should never be the case. An executive protection detail will know the nearest hospitals and the fastest routes to get there. The best teams will also listen to their clients closely and understand their preferences about everything, including hospitals. So if the nearest hospital is not their first choice, the security team will know which hospital to take them to and if it is feasible in that particular situation.

Preventive not Reactive

It is important for the security team to build a library of advances to provide this level of protection. The best agents will know where they are going, right down to where they will park and which door the celebrity will enter through.

All factors are considered to lower the risk for the client, eliminate any possible attack, and decrease the liability to your client. For instance, if the security team pushes people around when the client and their entourage are navigating through a crowd with paparazzi present, the client may become entangled in a lawsuit.

In summary, celebrities need to avoid using large, thuggish security agents. Instead, they need to look for agents who provide the highest level of service and proactive planning with advances. Remember, 100% prevention is the key to executive protection. Therefore, look for security services that are proactive and preventative instead of reactive and aggressive. This will keep them physically safer, also safer from reputational harm or legal issues.

Learn more about executive protection services and why it is essential to avoid hiring thugs. The World Protection Group can help you understand the right kind of protection that you need. Contact us today to learn how to deter crime and threats so you don’t need to confront them.

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