Big Thug Untrained Bodyguards get dead real quick. Protection is like a game of chess not how big you are. Here’s how to choose the right Executive Protection Services.

When it comes to protecting yourself or other people in your company, you want to make sure you choose the best bodyguards for the job. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a bodyguard must be big in order to be able to provide adequate protection.

While strength and size can be intimidating to anyone who might want to cause your harm, if something goes down, size isn’t the most important quality a person can have. In fact, in some cases, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. If you are trying to choose the right executive protection, there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing the right protection.

Why Isn’t Size Important?

While it’s easy to feel safe when someone big is offering to protect you, their size may not be enough to keep you safe. Not all types of danger come in the form of physical violence.

Oftentimes it’s more important to be smart and resourceful. You want to make sure the person you choose to be your executive protection is more than just a muscular person.

What Are Some Important Qualities Of A Bodyguard?

First of all, a bodyguard isn’t exactly what you need. The term bodyguard refers to unskilled men who have no proper training and experience protecting people. They’re hired muscle at best.

No. What you want by your side is an executive protection agent. Someone with a specific set of skills at their disposal and who will ensure that you are protected at all times.

While size may not matter, there are some things that do. You’ll want to look for certain qualities that will let you know your executive protection agent is someone you can depend on. Here are a few of those qualities you’ll want to look for.

You want to make sure the agent you choose for your executive protection has plenty of experience. This will ensure that they know how to protect you in all types of situations. They should have experience in many different fields of security so they can help with all your needs.

Good Judgement
Being a protection agent means making smart choices and knowing when things are dangerous and when it is time to act. You do not want to choose someone that will be quick to act or turn to violence faster than they should.

Fast Thinking
You never know when something bad could happen and your agent needs to be able to think and act quickly. They need to be able to think of the best way to protect you or your employees if the situation calls for it and be able to find a way to get you out of the situation if needed.

Physical Fitness
Size doesn’t matter, but physical fitness does. Your agent may need to do a lot of running or other physical activities to keep you safe. If they are overweight or out of shape, it can be difficult for them to do their job. You want to make sure the agent you choose is in good shape and has great endurance.

Communication Skills
It’s not all about being big and strong, you need to be able to communicate with your agent to make sure they know what you are worried about or what risks you may face. You will also definitely want your agent to be able to communicate well with you, so they can tell if you are in danger or if there is something or someone you should avoid in a situation.

Situational Awareness
One of the best skills an executive protection agent can possess is the skill of situational awareness. You want your executive protection to be able to scope out a room or location and know if there is any danger present.

They should be able to read people and situations very easily and be able to pick up vibes when necessary. This allows them to know when to act and when to be ready for something to happen. It can make a difference in how well they respond to danger or violence, and how well they can protect you.

Professional Attitude
Nobody wants to deal with someone who has a bad attitude or can’t conduct themselves in a professional way. While an executive protection agent may have a certainly unconventional type of work, it is still important for them to be professional at all times.

You’ll want to make sure you can trust your agent to be in any type of situation.

You never know when you will need an agent to protect you or someone in your company, so you need to make sure the ones you choose for executive protection are available when you need them. It’s best to work with an executive protection company so you can always find a security guard who is available to protect you and your employees.

Get Protection from the Best

When it comes time to hiring protection so you can feel more confident when you are conducting business or traveling, there are certainly many options. You might even be tempted to find the biggest bodyguard you can find, but that should not be the only thing you are looking for in executive protection.

You want to make sure the person you choose to protect you has all of the above qualities and more. If you are ready to choose a protection agency that will supply you with all the executive protection you will need, be sure to reach out to the World Protection Group. We can connect you with a team whose backgrounds include the Secret Service, private sector security, and military protection that will keep you safe and keep your business running.

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