People are now hiring Armed Private Security and Executive Protection Agents due to challenges in the recruitment and selection of Police Officers and lower standards in law enforcement.

In light of recent events, such as the killing of Tyre Nichols by five police officers in Memphis, it is evident that police departments are hiring recruits without the right qualifications or mental stability. The problem stems from the fact that training in law enforcement is designed for the least qualified individual in the academy. It is intended for this person to be elevated to have a higher standard and level of training. As a result, departments are reluctant to fail recruits or remove them from the academy, leading to less stringent background checks and training standards.

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Lower Hiring Standards Causing Issues Across the Country

It is increasingly common for police departments to lower their hiring standards. For instance, it was unacceptable for recruits to have used hard drugs in the past. However, nowadays, some departments hire individuals who have tried cocaine or are regular users of marijuana. In addition, specific departments are cutting out the psychological assessment or conducting a modified background check. If they are not doing a thorough background check, they may overlook vital details about potential police officers that would otherwise prevent them from being hired. 

This trend is worrying, as hiring individuals with questionable backgrounds can undermine the integrity of the police force and erode public trust in law enforcement. 

Unfortunately, it is about more than just lower standards to get into the police force; it is also about lower standards to get through the training academy, which means training and checks are less stringent than they should be. When these officers are put on the streets, more use of force and deadly force incidents occur. It is a vicious cycle. 

In the United States, many police departments, particularly those funded by the state, are increasingly pressured to achieve hiring quotas. These quotas can include gender balance and diverse hires, requiring specific percentages of each. As a result, to meet these targets, standards may be lowered, leading to the hiring of less qualified candidates.

This practice can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lower standards mean worse officers and more violent behavior on the streets. In turn, it can result in anti-police sentiment across major urban centers, and fewer people will even want to become officers in the first place. All of this makes it more difficult for police departments to hire high-quality police officers who want to keep the public safe.


Private Security Industry

The private security industry also faces issues with lower standards, which can lead to severe consequences.

When applying for a position as a protection agent, individuals must obtain a security guard card, an exposed firearm permit, and a baton permit and receive training in these areas. Two subsequent background checks are carried out when you apply for a firearm permit and a guard card. In addition, there is an FBI and State of California Department of Justice check. BSIS also requires a psychological assessment if you are going to carry a gun.

The World Protection Group always runs additional background checks when hiring new agents. The criminal background check ensures that the DOJ and the FBI have not missed anything. WPG also runs drug tests, including for marijuana, as this is unacceptable when working in the field. Drug testing is not only carried out before being hired; there is also random drug testing for active agents to ensure that they are performing their duties safely and responsibly and have not developed any drug-related issues while on the job. 


Personality and Psychological Assessments

Additionally, WPG is highly committed to ensuring that its agents undergo rigorous personality and psychological assessments before hiring. The PIA test, which stands for Personality Inventory Assessment, is a crucial part of this process. It comprises about 344 questions and is designed to assess any psychopathological behaviors or illnesses that could impact an agent’s ability to perform their job well. 

Despite the difficulty of passing the PIA test, WPG refuses to compromise on its hiring standards. The company understands the importance of hiring only the most competent and qualified agents to ensure the safety of its clients. Moreover, the personality and psychological test can also detect if someone is trying to manipulate the answers to give a false impression, as there are no right or wrong answers, and the test is all about personality and instincts.

A PIA assessment is a critical tool for picking up various issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and personality disorders like narcissism, anti-social problems, and even addictive tendencies. The test is then graded by a world-renowned forensic scientist, who determines whether an applicant is suitable, borderline, or unsuitable for the job. Shockingly, 50% of candidates are found to be unacceptable.

In contrast to WPG, many of its competitors are willing to hire individuals who need help passing this background check or personality/psychological assessment. WPG is committed to hiring only the best executive protection agents free of violent tendencies or behavioral issues. 

The ultimate goal of high-quality private security, such as that provided by WPG, is to be proactive and avoid the need for violent use of force or deadly force through careful planning and situational awareness.


Current Violence Against Security Guards 

In the current security landscape of the United States, there are more attacks than ever on security guards, including shootings with security guards. As a result, private armed security personnel are often the first line of defense against criminals until the police arrive. Due to the rising rates of crime, private security is increasingly tasked with handling such situations, which was not historically the case. 

Lowering the standards for private security personnel and not performing background checks could result in individuals who lack the necessary skills and judgment to make informed decisions in the face of violent attacks or criminal behavior. On the other hand, maintaining high standards ensures not only the safety of the client but also that of society as a whole. Therefore, WPG aims to put the best-qualified and trained security agent or executive protection agent in the field to represent a proactive and preventative approach for our clients. 

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