“All Celebrities and Billionaires Should be Communicating with Encrypted Phone Calls, Texts, and E-mails.”

Celebrities and billionaires might be able to have sprawling mansions, luxurious vacations, and the best of everything. There is one thing  that is missing from the lives of the rich and famous and that is privacy. Many people will not miss privacy until it is no longer a part of their lives. Privacy is a true luxury for celebrities and billionaires and one that they have to work hard to attain.

So how can privacy be achieved? Real security and privacy takes time, effort, and investment and you have to be truly committed to a number of lifestyle changes in order to have increased privacy. With the help of a luxury executive protection company you will be able to recapture the privacy you once enjoyed. The expertise of protection agents and executives has been honed through decades of experience in the industry and a full awareness of the latest technologies that can assist in a private lifestyle.

The most important step anyone can take in order to have enhanced privacy, is to use a fully encrypted phone. For more information on how to have an anonymous and encrypted phone and the benefits that will come with one, keep reading.

What is an Anonymous Phone

An anonymous phone offers fully private communication via email and text messages that are encrypted and under the use of aliases. Essentially, an anonymous and encrypted phone cannot be traced back to you so that you can confidently send messages and emails without worrying about them being exposed.

The best phone to choose is an iPhone because Apple is far more reliable when it comes to privacy, security and encryption than other phone manufacturers. With the use of special, encrypted apps you will be able to communicate privately with everyone in your life for all purposes. This kind of security and privacy cannot be underestimated. It will enhance your privacy and security in all areas of your life.

It will take time and effort to maintain anonymity online and in your communications. You will have to change certain ways that you do things. For instance, you may never be able to make a call from this phone without going through an encrypted app which will disguise the phone number. Small changes like this will make a huge difference to your quality of life and your executive protection team will offer you expertise, guidance, and industry knowledge to help you adjust and regain your privacy. 

How to Get an Anonymous Phone

First, you have to ensure that the way you purchase the phone is anonymous.. For example, the phone cannot be purchased with a debit or credit card as this could be traced to you more easily than you might realize. That means that the mobile phone needs to be bought with cash and when you set up the number use an alias for full and uncompromised anonymity.

Experts in setting up an anonymous lifestyle always warn against using Google for both email and search engine purposes. Using google for your email can lead to easy breaches of your data and personal information, including your home address.

Instead, you should only use encrypted apps for sending any type of message, email or text. These apps, which are carefully selected and tested by your executive protection company, are very advanced. They allow you to set up multiple aliases complete with their own identities, email addresses, and phone numbers all operating from a single mobile device.

You can use a separate alias for each part of your life: online shopping, business deals, travel, and the list goes on. This will ensure that your sensitive data, habits, and location will not be compromised or exposed. Even better, your information and messages cannot be linked back to you.

There are a lot of times when an encrypted device would have solved big problems for celebrities and billionaires. Just think of Jeff Bezos. His affair was exposed because his text messages were linked straight back to his personal mobile phone. This was a massive failure on the part of his protection team and security detail. They should have made sure that their client was fully protected–not just from physical harm but also from blackmail threats or cyber risks.

Jeff Bezos should have had an anonymous phone to contact his mistress from in order to ensure that these messages remained completely private and unassociated with Bezos. It would have saved him a lot of public embarrassment and an expensive divorce if he had had a better executive protection company.

You will not only have enhanced security and privacy in your life thanks to an anonymous phone, but you will also have much better peace of mind. You will be able to relax once you own a fully equipped and encrypted anonymous device.

Additional Privacy Features

Along with an anonymous phone, there are several other actions you can take to enhance your anonymous lifestyle and keep your information safe.

Many celebrities and billionaires choose to use a faraday bag, which is also called a faraday shield. These are bags that you can place your mobile phone in and it will block all electromagnetic fields. A mobile phone in a faraday bag cannot send or receive signals.

By placing your mobile phone securely in a faraday bag, it cannot be tracked. Even if you turn your mobile phone off, there is still a chance that someone could be tracking your movements or linking you to messages. With a faraday bag, you can put your phone away a few miles from your home or office and rest assured that your address is not being compromised and your personal information stays safe. 

Another feature of an anonymous lifestyle is carefully choosing which search engine you use. Instead of Chrome or Bing which are known for tracking your searches and logging your data to sell to advertisers. You do not want this to happen because there is no knowing how much data may be collected on you or what security breaches may be caused.

Instead use a search engine called DuckDuckGo which has always stood behind a brand of privacy and integrity. You will not be tracked when using this search engine and your private information and data will stay secure.

Choosing an Anonymous Lifestyle

It may not always be an easy thing to accomplish, but having an anonymous lifestyle will keep you safe and secure, even when you are a high profile executive or celebrity. Switching to or adding an anonymous phone to your life is the first and perhaps most important thing you can do to regain the privacy you miss most.

By following this information, you will be one step closer to feeling confident and relaxed in your day to day life without the worry of someone tracking you or your private communications being leaked

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