To truly protect our clients, we believe in using encrypted communication. When our agents are on a protection detail, texting on regular messaging apps and communicating through personal emails just won’t cut it.

In the past, you may have been able to send a text through your phone’s messaging app without worrying about it getting intercepted by the wrong person. However, in today’s world, those with sensitive information need to protect themselves. To provide the ultimate level of protection, you need encrypted communications.

What is Encrypted Communication?

Encryption is essential for securing data and protecting sensitive information. It’s a method of proactive safety that allows peace of mind.

Everything is crackable, including your cell phone, and especially your email account. Encrypted communication allows us to still communicate in the modern world, but without the details of our names and locations and those of our clients to get out. Encrypted communication is one of the main goals of executive security so that clients are safe from anyone who may wish to do them harm.

How Does Encrypted Communication Work?

When we set up a protection detail, we use fake names or codes name for our personnel and our client. We then register our encrypted communications, such as emails, using fake names and addresses. There is no connection to any real person on these because every bit of information is fake. When it comes to phone numbers, we use out-of-state encrypted numbers so that nothing can be traced back to clients or our security personnel.

What are the Benefits of Encrypted Communication?


Encryption is used to protect your sensitive data, including your personal information. This will help to ensure anonymity and privacy, reducing the chances for criminals to be able to find you or use your communications against you in the future.


When we set up our communications, the VPN is set to a different city or country location than where you are. That way, when apps are in use, no one will be able to track our agents or our clients and find us in real-time. It helps to ensure the safety of our clients because those who wish to harm can’t physically find them.

Protecting Everyone 

Encrypted communications protect everyone, from the client to our agents. When everyone is safe, we can do our jobs much more effectively. The encrypted connections ensure that our clients’ privacy and their security and are our top priority.

Avoids Spam

With email, spam tends to contain viruses, and that’s how hackers can get in. Whether you’re a celebrity or a CEO, you can’t allow those people to find their way to your valuable information and communications. An encrypted email will eliminate this issue so that you can still contact the people you need to when you need to.

Protection and Security

The benefits, encryption provides extra protection and security to reduce the risk of violent behavior and malice from those who wish to do you harm either physically or emotionally.