Should I have an anonymous phone when traveling to a foreign country?

When high-net-worth individuals travel to a foreign country, it’s important that they take the proper precautions to ensure their safety and privacy. An anonymous phone is ideal because it allows you to communicate with the outside world while being completely anonymous. Nothing regarding this phone is connected to you, which means that those with bad intentions cannot hack into your communications to find out where you are and where you’re going or steal valuable information.

Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is a tracking device, and anyone, even those with limited skills, can find you. Your phone broadcasts your location and communications, which is useful when you need directions on Google Maps or emergency services need to find your location. However, as a celebrity or high net worth individual, your identity being attached to your location as well as the risk of being hacked could be dangerous.

Did you know? A third party with no access to location data but access to WiFi records can determine the location of an individual 90% of the time by sending queries to Google Geolocation API or Skyhook. By using the physical location of wireless access points and the time a person is connected to those points, someone else can determine your location.

This may not seem like a huge deal if you’re someone who is tracked by the paparazzi on a daily basis, but it can become extremely dangerous. Someone willing to go through the trouble of finding your location is probably not just trying to take your picture; they’re coming to find you for a reason.

Interestingly enough, your wireless carrier also logs phone numbers, duration, and date and time for each text and phone call you make on your phone. If you use any of the big three search engines, everything you search is being tracked all the time.

Protecting Your Privacy

Everything is crackable, from your cell phone to your email address. If you’re traveling out of the United States and there are individuals out there that wish to do you harm, it can become dangerous to use your personal cell phone. There are MANY dangerous situations that you can find yourself in from extortion and kidnapping to blackmail.

While you may have hired a bodyguard to keep you physically safe during your travels, they can’t stop someone from hacking into your phone without the right experience and skill.

Consider all of the attacks that happen to celebrities that aren’t physical altercations. A hacker could hack into a cell phone and launch a phishing attack where they can obtain your login information and steal valuable company information.

Not only that, anything on your phone, from text messages to photos, can be hacked into and taken from you. Consider all of the celebrities whose photos were hacked and shared on the internet, resulting in a huge breach of privacy and extreme embarrassment for many.

While you may not be holding government secrets on your phone, you deserve the privacy and security you expect when traveling to a foreign country. No one should know your location except yourself and your executive protection team, which is why encrypted communication is so important.

What is Encrypted Communication?

Encrypted communication is the curing of data and protection of sensitive information within your cell phone. It will not only allow you peace of mind but anonymity while you’re traveling to a country you know very little about.

As we have said, everything is crackable, especially your cell phone and email account. Encryption allows you to communicate with the world, but completely anonymously. The details of your name and location will never get out. In fact, encryption is the main goal of security because it helps us keep our clients safe from both physical and emotional harm.

Encryption works by using fake names for the client. We register encrypted communications like emails and cell phones using fake names and addresses. This way, there’s no way that the cell phone can lead back to you; your name isn’t attached to it, and neither is your credit card for that matter. All of the information we use for these phones is completely fake, including the phone numbers which are out-of-state.

The Benefits of Anonymous Phones


An anonymous phone will protect all of your sensitive data, including your personal information and company information that should not be shared with the public. This will help ensure your privacy and reduce the chance for criminals to use your communications against you or find your location.

No Location

The VPN on our communications is set to a different city or country than where you are so that no one can track you throughout your travels. This is extremely beneficial for individuals of high-net-work that may have enemies overseas. No one can do you physical harm if they can’t physically find you.

Complete Protection and Security

Encryption provides added protection and security to physical protection. By using an anonymous phone, you’ll guarantee that criminals won’t be able to find you or use your phone and communications or other data against you.

Protecting Your Privacy

While you can purchase an anonymous phone yourself, it’s recommended to hire a professional executive protection company that specializes in privacy and confidentiality. We’ll do an assessment of your online vulnerability and remove the information that can lead to your addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This is a long, rigorous process, but it’s worth the wait for your complete security.

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