You’re down over 1,000 LAPD officers. How about we have 1,000 armed private security officers to assist?

The Los Angeles Police Department is losing officers and needs help recruiting new applicants. With all the recruitment challenges that LAPD is facing, high-level private security companies can help law enforcement agencies and potentially support them by offering supplemental security services, specialized expertise, training partnerships, technology integration, and more!

The Negative Impact of Anti-Cop Politicians

In recent years, California has become a hotbed for anti-police sentiments and pro-criminal legislation. Propositions 47 and 57 plus no bail state have drastically skewed the legal landscape in favor of criminals, resulting in increased criminal boldness and a surge in crime rates across the entire state.

Liberal Politician’s experiments do not work. Crime is almost legal in California. 

Prop. 57 & a no-bail state, has essentially turned California into a pro-criminal environment, releasing criminals often on the same day of their arrest plus early releases Prop 57 once they are sentenced to a crime. Prop. 47, on the other hand, allows criminals to steal up to $950 from homes, shops, and vehicles without facing significant consequences. Prop 47 has now made Los Angeles the number one in retail theft crime in the United States. These laws, coupled with a public sentiment that is often anti-police, have contributed to a substantial decrease in officers within the LA County Sheriff’s Office and the LAPD. Officers opting for early retirement, relocating to more police-friendly areas, and declining new recruits have left LAPD with a shortfall of 1,000 officers, while the LA County Sheriff’s Department is down by approximately 1,200. These circumstances have led to unprecedented increases in crime rates and sluggish response times attributed to the inadequate availability of resources. LAPD is now hiring illegals to become Police Officers, which will also become a problem. Based on federal law, illegals cannot carry weapons, but somehow, the LAPD has found a way to avoid that law.

Private Armed Security is the Answer

The city cannot afford to wait for officer numbers to rebound, and officers desperately need support as they work to protect the city. The solution lies in bringing armed private security to offer backup and support when needed. Adding 1,000 private armed security agents is a clear and effective response to the challenges facing the LAPD and LA Sheriff’s Office. Private security provides much-needed backup and support that law enforcement currently lacks. It will take several years to replace those Officers. Los Angeles cannot wait and let crime become more out of control.  

Private security personnel are highly trained and equipped with firearms, batons, pepper spray, and handcuffs. They often possess additional skills, such as EMT training and drone piloting licenses, making them adaptable and capable of providing various forms of support, including first aid.

Moreover, private security officers would undergo the PC832 Arrest and Firearms Course, a crucial training program for California peace officers. This 64-hour course covers 40 hours of arrest training and 24 hours of peace officer training, significantly enhancing the capabilities of private armed security to support law enforcement. 

Private officers would be able to have their own patrol cars, separate from the police officer they are supporting, and have access to the police communication system. This means they are alerted to incidents requiring their attention and will join the officer at the scene immediately.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Armed private security will provide on-scene support and backup police officers in use-of-force or deadly-force incidents. This additional, highly trained support will boost police officers’ confidence and comfort levels, allowing them to carry out their duties more effectively during crises.

This approach is also cost-effective. Private security agents do not have to go through an entire police officer academy but are already well-trained in private protection and additional training in first aid and peace officer protocols. This reduces costs and saves time and other resources, allowing private armed officers to support the police almost immediately and without delays.

While some countries may already adopt this strategy, others should consider implementing it soon. Partnering with armed private security is a forward-thinking approach that can enhance resident safety, reduce crime rates, and boost police morale.

WPG’s Armed Private Security Officers to Assist the Los Angeles Police Department

The extent of collaboration between law enforcement and private security companies depends on local regulations, policies, and the community’s specific needs. Additionally, community input and oversight are crucial to ensure collaboration aligns with the public interest and values.

The World Protection Group (WPG) is a private security and risk management company that provides various security services, including executive protection, threat assessments, drone protection, and security consulting to clients worldwide. Focusing on high-profile individuals, corporations, and government entities, WPG provides specialized security services that can assist the LAPD.

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