Offering effective executive protection is a challenge to many international firms due to the high standards of services needed by high-net-worth individuals. Executive protection operations include 24/7 command centers, protective intelligence, advances, electronic security systems, the use of drones, and armored vehicles. Although many global companies offering VIP protection, identifying a good one is a challenge. Don’t know of what to expect from an international executive protection agency? Never mind! The following is an overview of what to anticipate.


What To Expect From an International Executive Protection Company

  •         High-standard of security services: The Company must meet the threshold of international security standards.  Also, it should have the ability to accord you with adequate protection as per your social status.
  •         Highly qualified and experienced executive protection agents: The organization should have competent and seasoned staffs who can handle security matters perfectly
  •         Proactive and informed about digital security: The agency’s team should be trained to respect the privacy of the VIP’s personal devices like Smartphone, laptop, and encrypted communications.
  •         The company should also have mechanisms of mitigating and dealing with cyber crimes. For instance, having an already established plan of encouraging the executives to install and use virtual protection network in their electronic devices whenever they travel abroad.
  •         Proactive on matters of assessment of threats and collection of intelligence. The institution must have elaborate plans of making travel security arrangements for the executives
  •         Familiarity with different countries’ specific security risks and how to respond to them.
  •         Well organized in various aspects, e.g. planning of itinerary, having a different mode of communication, and having a back-up plan
  •         Disaster preparedness: The agency’s staff must be trained on how to respond to an emergency to keep the client safe from all threats & disasters.

An excellent executive protection company is the one where its personnel understands your needs. By knowing you as their client, the company can offer you customized services to meet and even exceed your expectations. Before you subscribe to the agency’s services, it is important to interview them to ascertain whether they are eligible to offer you quality services. For instance, you may question them on how they can plan and coordinate executive business to run seamlessly.


Important Features To Consider in Executive Protection Agent

The character of staff reflects the reputation of the VIP protection Company. When looking for the right organization, don’t just select the big names but investigate the nature of its security staff. The following are qualities of the right security personnel:

  •         Competent and able to work under pressure. Executive Protection agents work under challenging circumstances and must be able to endure hard situations.
  •         Trained in different aspects. For instance, drivers are knowledgeable about matters of security. All staff should be computer literate
  •         Professional and highly disciplined. Good agents are the ones who can conduct their business from the background without affecting the privacy of the executive.
  •         Good interpersonal skills: You need to give consideration to a company which trains its team on relationship management and customer service.

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