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“Clean” and “Neat” are not typical words you expect to hear in reference to the top standards of your average private executive protection agents. That’s because 001 is anything but average. Dress code and a dedicated promise to “Keep a smile on my face and in my voice” are two of the top priorities for 001 Level Executive Protection Agents provided by The World Protection Group, Inc. among other distinguishing marks of sophistication that set 001 Level Agents apart from the rest of the industry.

Modeling itself after the Ritz-Carlton Company, President and Founder of 001, Kent Moyer, a graduate of Wharton Business School, creates a remarkable experience of distinguished protection characterized by memorable customer service. By securing an atmosphere of comfort and safety for The Client, each Executive Protection Agent specifically identifies the wants and needs of the individual, without infringing on his/her personal privacy, at any time.

As 001 Clients are considered High Profile Individuals, strict confidentiality is a must and professional appearance is a certainty. To protect The Client’s security and do so with the utmost dedication and commitment is the duty of each and every Executive Protection Agent. Ensuring that The Client, aka The Principal, attends events safely, accomplishes the tasks at hand and travels seamlessly, are paramount to the Executive Protection Agents at 001.

The understanding is that “If you’ve resorted to using a gun or physical violence, you have already failed.”

As an international executive protection and threat management company, the Company Motto is: “We are exceptional people providing exceptional service and protecting exceptional clients.” The enduring Vision of 001 is to operate with the highest legal and ethical standards, while maintaining strict confidentiality to all clients we are privileged to represent.

The 001 Gold Standard starts at home. Each morning, Kent Moyer and his employees line up to have an early morning ‘check-in’ at the 001 headquarters in Beverly Hills, where they share an inspiring quote of the day. Whether it’s Churchill or Kennedy, each 001 Employee is encouraged to reach their highest potential and achieve optimum performance levels in their day-to-day work. This aiming for high marks sets a disciplined tone at the well-structured headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, where 001 President Kent Moyer, maintains close and constant contact with additional 001 offices in New York, Mexico City and Shanghai, throughout the day.

Following the practices and procedures of The U.S. Secret Service, Executive Protection Agents at 001, provided by The World Protection Group, are upheld to the highest standards. After passing an extensive screening process, the individuals selected to become a part of the 001 Team must then partake in a series of intensive, reoccurring training sessions before being assigned to a specific Client.

Applying the principles of honesty, leadership, integrity, trust, respect and commitment are on the front of each Agent’s mind, as they go into the workforce, proud to be a member of the accomplished 001 Team. Historically, EP Agents have law enforcement or military experience, preferably with Special Forces, and must have formal Executive Protection Training.

Agents are always told to have their “Radar on – Antenna Up” so as to constantly be at the ready, in order to serve and protect The Client.

Having served some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, high-level corporate executives in the United States and China, and members of the Saudi Royal Family, 001 Culture is considered the Gold Standard of the entire Security Industry.

We pledge to provide an exceptional Gold Standard of personal service and security to ensure that our clients always feel well protected. It is our goal to go beyond the level of expected service and exceed our client’s unexpressed wishes to provide exceptional service.

In setting an example, 001 maintains a Gold Standard of Service as its number one priority. Maintaining certifications and licenses are an important part of the job; just as much so is being on time. For those at 001, “on time” means arriving early, which is important, when you’re anticipating others’ needs.

Projecting personal integrity and a moral character, creating an environment of trust, taking ownership and accountability for actions, along with asking for guidance from 001, V.P.’s, co-workers, detail leaders, and human resources are valuable assets that set 001 apart from the rest of the industry.

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