What are the things to consider for your International Executive Protection Detail? Should you take US Agents or use Agents in that Country?

The modern world is becoming increasingly globalized, which means that high-profile executives, celebrities, and billionaires are traveling abroad more than ever. However, despite international travel being a part of regular life for many individuals, it should not be done without an expert and experienced security offering guidance and protection. In addition, each country is also expanding travel as the pandemic seems to improve.

Clients have three main options when they travel abroad: take their American protection team with them or hire a local security detail that operates in the destination country. The third option is to take a US detail leader to manage the executive protection resources in the country you will travel to. When you are a high-profile individual who travels a lot and requires personal security, you should look for a US protection company that is well versed and experienced in international security and can offer comprehensive services no matter where you are.

Taking US Protection Agents Abroad?

The best executive protection companies in the United States, like the World Protection Group, will be able to operate fully internationally and provide clients with the highest level of protection when they are traveling abroad as they would in the US.

No matter what, a security and protection response must be proactive and preventative, even in another country. This requires a methodical and comprehensive approach, with assessments and intelligence report carried out before travel. Such an approach enables agents to carry out necessary research on the location, hotels, and the overall itinerary so that every step can be mapped out for maximum security.

Potential risks are therefore identified before the client even steps foot in the foreign country. A proactive approach is always the best and minimizes the threat level.

Experienced executive protection agents will also have the resources and skills needed to work with the US embassy, foreign police departments, and international contacts should the need arise. They will also be aware of the likelihood of local corruption and when it may be necessary to avoid local law enforcement.

The World Protection Group operates at the highest standard; therefore, agents are agile and adaptable and can work even with minimal notice. However, important security advances will still be performed before the client arrives at the location. This means that things like exit routes, safe rooms and locations, surveillance cameras, security systems, and even nearby hospitals will be located and all types of response plans formulated.

Don’t Rely 100% on a Local Team

It might seem a good idea and more convenient to hire a local security team owned and operated in the country being traveled to. Clients believe that these companies may better understand the local surroundings and are often cheaper and more straightforward than having a security detail accompany them from point A to point B. 

However, a local team is actually often the wrong choice for a client to make. It is nearly impossible to be entirely confident of the protection agents’ training and how they have been hired. Many international companies will use contracted agents who may be former military or law enforcement professionals in their country but have extremely limited or no training for personal security and executive protection. This can leave the client in perilous situations as the agent will not understand how to choreograph exits or secure hotels and international residences. 

They may also act recklessly without the legal backing of the protection company they have been contracted by. Should a threat be injured or harmed, this can leave the client legally liable and in a difficult situation financially and reputationally.

The US-based executive protection company should use foreign EP companies that they have vetted and have long-term relationships with to strengthen and augment the protection detail to have a combination of US Agents and the right local resources to keep all clients safe.

Common Risk Factors

There are several key risks that the protection team needs to be aware of while traveling internationally. The first is potential medical risks that could see the client debilitated and seriously harmed – this may even be a pre-existing condition that should be closely monitored while abroad. Hospitals, trauma centers, and pharmacies should always be identified before arrival. There may also be a need for the protection agents to keep hold of first aid kits or even AEDs while on the move.

Similarly, clients, especially celebrities, risk theft, and armed robbery while traveling. They may bring extensive jewelry and fashion collections for work or socializing, making them a noticeable target for criminals. Just consider what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris to see how improper planning can lead to violent robberies and even the potential of a client being attacked or killed.

Private and sensitive information may also be at risk when traveling because of the number of new people the client will contact, including unsecured WiFi and hotels, which may be shared with members of the public. To protect the client, careful and modern encrypted communication methods must be utilized, including the potential use of an anonymous phone abroad. 

Keeping Clients Safe Internationally

It is better to bring your US protection agents abroad while using some US company vetted local resources, especially when they are equipped with the experience and training needed to maintain the gold standard of security no matter where the client is in the world.

International security experts bring the best understanding of assessing and researching international destinations to protect the client. This research is specialized and comprehensive, with an awareness of the increased threats and risks when traveling to another country.

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