There are increasing threats and dangers facing clients each year, which is why the best protection companies are constantly evolving and developing their agents’ skill sets and expertise.

For 2023, there are three key security trends to be aware of: privacy protection, drone security, and counter-drone measures. The World Protection Group (WPG) is ahead of these trends and has been supplying its clients with these services for years.

Privacy Protection for Clients

The World Protection Group has always emphasized on its clients’ privacy protection. We often advise our clients what not to put on social media, how to set up their social media with fake emails and fake phone numbers and to avoid putting up pictures of their children and family at their houses. This might seem unnecessary, but criminals are incredibly tech-savvy and can figure out your and your family’s location based on these innocent photos.

The easiest way to reach high-profile individuals and celebrities is through their families, especially their children. This means it is essential for pictures of children at home or near their school to be kept away from social media and out of the public domain.

Privacy protection for celebrities and billionaires is essential. The one thing these individuals who live in luxury do not have is privacy. This is considered the ultimate luxury, and privacy is added as a critical protection service for our clients. Privacy is regarded as a separate protection module, and recommendations can be made across many aspects of life about what to do and what not to do to maintain client privacy.

How is this accomplished? Privacy and anonymity are only achieved after a period of time. There are steps that the client needs to follow meticulously to keep themselves and their family safe. For example, this usually includes setting up anonymous phones and anonymous ways to communicate (such as fake names and emails). Privacy is a luxury, and our 001 site was set up to help our clients to achieve this luxury service.

Drones in Security Operations

Since 2015, The WPG has incorporated drones into all of its security operations, which will only get more popular with security companies. WPG already has the infrastructure to support its clients’ drone usage and complex procedures, including highly trained armed drone pilots and three FAA waivers.

These waivers truly set WPG apart because no other security company in the United States has them. They allow the drones to be flown over people, for instance, to have a bird’s eye view over an event; they can be flown beyond the visual line of site and therefore follow someone even if they flee and cannot be seen by agents on the ground; and lastly, the final waiver allows for operating in below weather minimums.

Counter Drone Measures

Some celebrity clients may feel stuck with paparazzi flying drones overhead, trying to get pictures of them or their children at their homes or in private estates. This could mean capturing photographs of a celebrity in a bikini or during private moments with their family, and these would be sold for a lot of money to outlets like TMZ.

Counter drone measures are something that stadiums are beginning to put in place. Protection professionals must start to find ways of detecting drones and create a strategy and plan of what to do once the drone has been identified and what laws they may be violating.

There are systems out there, and you cannot just go out and shoot down a drone. Security and drone intelligence systems allow you to identify the drone and where it took off from; therefore, you can find the pilot. If the client has a large property, we can use these counter drone measures to protect the client and even notify the police of a drone flying over private property. While this may not be an airspace violation, it may violate the privacy or trespassing laws.

Counter drone measures are equally crucial to drone security services, yet most security agencies in the United States do not have these systems or policies.

WPG is already offering these comprehensive security services to its clients; it is a sign of being ahead of the trends and knowing what clients need from their protection detail.

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