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Some of Commonly Asked Questions

What are your payment methods?

We accept Alipay, WeChat Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

What are your payment methods?

We accept Alipay, WeChat Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

What are the service offerings provided by WPG?
Luxury Executive VIP Protection, Celebrity VIP protection, Residential and Estate Security, Corporate Offices and Property, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Email Encryption,
Rapid Deployment, Shadow Cover, Professional Individualized Custom Solutions,
Threat Investigations, Background Checks, Security Consulting, Security Protection Training, Drone Security Services, and International Travel Security
What kind of training does World Protection Group personnel have?
Executive Protection Training Courses, Gold Standard Training Course, Protective Intelligence Training, Executive Protection Mobile Training
What do you mean by “3 ring Security”?
The outer ring consists of surveillance and counter-surveillance of your client and his property and/or assets and the client’s area of operation to and from daily activities such as work, as well as assistance with route planning. This may include unseen personnel or professional equipment on your property.

The middle ring mainly consists of crowd control, building and resident spaces within the fences or outlying security areas of your home, office, or event usually covering a 25 foot ring.

The inner ring consists of the up-close personal protection of the client and his/her family members, which could include asset couriers, chauffeurs, escorts to and from events, residences, or venues. This ring is the security you can see and do rely on 24/7.

What makes WPG different from other protection companies?
We at WPG have all of the hard skills as well as soft skills so that we can confidently send the right agent to the right client. Our agents are trained to thoroughly blend into your lifestyle, interact with high-level people skills, and delivering a Gold Standard of service while keeping you safe from all types of harm. Our Agents go through a rigorous background check, psychological testing, strength testing and extensive training that is customized for each client. Our executive protection agents are prepared and organized, high ethics and integrity, flexible, can multi-task and have great communication between our company and clients.
Why did WPG add Privacy and Confidentiality Services?

The World Protection Group is known for protecting clients’ privacy and confidentiality as well as their physical security. Celebrities and high net worth individuals have their personal information hacked on a regular basis. We believe protection starts with protecting your privacy. We have a sophisticated system to remove personal information from the internet and social media. Creating an anonymous lifestyle can minimize all kinds of threats. Privacy is luxury.

Who can help when you have been threatened?
Managing threats is a highly complicated process for only experienced security professionals. WPG as an experienced security and investigations professional can identify, manage, and prevent or eliminate the threat. Your security personnel may not have the experience or knowledge for managing or preventing threats. If you’ve been threatened, it’s essential to ask for the help of an executive protection firm who will perform a threat assessment and has managed thousands of threat cases.

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Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.


Reach out and get in contact with us in regards to any of the security details you require.

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WPG is a full-service international security firm that specializes in Executive Protection. Our philosophy and techniques are modeled after the United States Secret Service method of providing proactive and preventative protection. WPG has worked with some of the most high profile individuals in the world.

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