When 001 Kent Moyer decided to create a luxury protection entity, he believed that privacy and confidentiality are a luxury to a billionaire, celebrity, or another high net worth individual. We believe that as much as our clients like being in the limelight, they also deserve to have privacy and protection from being hacked.

Privacy is a Luxury

In 2015 Kent went to SDA Bocconi business school, Wharton business school, & HEC Paris business schools to study extensively the strategic management of luxury businesses to study many of the luxury brands of Europe and the United States. 001 was created to deliver a quality luxury gold standard of service. As celebrities use their phones for everything from social media to storing personal photographs, it’s crucial that they keep what’s personal to them private, a luxury they deserve to have.

The Gold Standard Executive Protection Model

At 001, we believe that protection is not about fighting, evasive driving maneuvers, martial arts, shooting guns, or any of the misconceptions. It is about executive protection. They are tools we use in an emergency and we have that training.  The use of weapons and physical protection techniques are rarely used in this line of work. We believe if you have to use those skills you have failed. What is used every day are customer experience and the ability to blend in with our clients’ surroundings and lifestyles.

Protection is also about being smart. We often see the bodyguards of celebrities, taking them through crowds and densely populated areas. These are hot spots for violence and possible harm coming to the clients. Instead, agents should have done advances and know the ins and outs of where they’re headed so that they can avoid crowds and ensure the safety of their clients and delivering quality customer service.

With experience training in the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard customer service, we created our customer service techniques, adopting many of the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard ways of operating. This speed and high level of service help us obtain and retain clients for a long time.

It’s Not About the Gun

Guns are rarely used in executive protection, so while those skills are essential to have in certain situations, soft skills will be used daily. We know everything there is to know about our clients from whether they’re in a good mood to whether the stocks are up or down. We know what the threats are and the routes we need to take to keep our clients safe while getting them to their critical business meetings on time.

Here are some things we consider instead of focusing solely on the physical aspects of executive protection:

The location of the nearest police station

The best possible, fastest and safest routes to the destinations

The site of the nearest hospital in case of a medical emergency

EMT Skills of Our Protection Agents

Used more than gun or martial arts skills, Emergency Medical Training skills are essential for agents to have. While agents do have hard skills, such as training in combat and guns, our EMT skills are crucial to the protection of our clients. Medical skills are going to be used more often than those of martial arts or weapons, especially if our clients have had health issues in the past. The clients are going to have a much more significant medical emergency needs vs a security threat.

Emphasis on Soft Skills

Many people put too much attention on the skills that we will never use. While those skills are necessary, there needs to be a balance between those and soft skills. Anticipating a client’s needs and delivering high-quality service is the best way to ensure their protection while making them feel safe. Radar on antenna up to create a daily WOW factor for the client.