Is private security better than relying on the police? Find out here why people are now hiring executive protection agents to ensure their families and properties are proactively protected.

In Los Angeles, the fear of crime has gripped the city. People are afraid to walk down the street, enter their cars, or wear jewelry publicly. Even popular tourist spots like Rodeo Drive are unsafe because criminals target unsuspecting shoppers who spend a lot of money and may not stay alert to their whereabouts. 

To make matters worse, police response times are getting longer every month, and certain crimes may not even elicit a response from law enforcement. For instance, if a burglary occurs at somebody’s estate or multi-million-dollar house, the police may not  arrive for a long time.

This is the first time this has happened. People who never considered private security before are now turning to armed private security to protect themselves, their family, and their estate. People can no longer rely on the police like they used to, so they hire well-trained bodyguards or executive protection agents to ensure their spouses and children are well protected.

Additionally, demand for security drivers and 24/7 security coverage in homes and offices increases. 


High Crime Rate, Fewer Police

We have high crime rates, police numbers are low, and politicians keep passing legislation that favors criminals and hinders the police department’s ability to do its job. Coupled with an anti-police culture pervading California, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to privacy protection and security.

The World Protection Group is experiencing a surge in business, reflecting the increasing demand for high-quality protection agents. However, WPG’s rigorous hiring practices and high standards mean that many individuals seeking work in the private security industry fail to meet the company’s psychometric tests and extensive background checks.

Even in private security, more agents than ever are being attacked and killed. As a result, armed private security has become the new front line against violent attacks and other criminal behavior. WPG is proud to deploy exceptional agents who can keep clients safe and deter crime.

Unfortunately, many unarmed security officers in California are prohibited from intervening, even when witnessing a crime or violent incident. Their contracted role is to observe and report. This does not diminish their work; they can be an active partner for other agencies or officers. However, it underscores the need for dynamic, armed, responsive security or protection alongside unarmed guards. 

If you see a security guard without a gun or baton at a shopping mall or grocery store, know they can only call the police. But what happens when the police are unable to respond for hours? Criminals get away with everything from theft to violent assaults and even murder. This is the outcome of pro-criminal and anti-police legislation.


Using Armed Private Security and Executive Protection

Many people have never considered how they could benefit from private security or protection. Executive protection focuses on being preventative and proactive, which means the criminal is often stopped before they can strike or the client is kept out of harm’s way entirely. 

Private security assessments for properties can also identify gaps in security or potential areas of vulnerability. An executive protection company can thoroughly analyze what security and alarm systems are needed and get these installed in the most practical and valuable way. 

In today’s world, keeping yourself and your family safe requires taking preventative steps before danger arises. It is no longer enough to trust or rely on a local police department because they are often understaffed and need more resources. Turning to private security ensures that clients and their properties are secure and monitored at all times, even if this means having a 24/7 protection detail near the client.


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