If you’re a high-net-worth individual or celebrity, you will need more than just an ordinary driver to handle your vehicle and take you places.

You will need a security-trained driver to ensure your safety and security as an individual vulnerable to threats.

In an article published in Security Magazine, up to 85% of attacks on principals happen in or around a vehicle. This is why having a security-trained driver is of paramount importance.

A well-trained driver can help high-profile individuals such as yourself on ground transportation, which is definitely a great return on your investment in so many ways, especially when it comes to risk management.

Understanding the Risks of Ground Transportation

Direct attacks on a client while in transit is not the only reason why having a security driver is essential. One of the major threats faced by a high-net-worth individual is kidnapping.

Almost 60% of abductions happen while in transit according to reports, although actual numbers can be higher.

Data from the AIG suggests that as many as 90% of cases of kidnapping for ransom are unreported, with reputational damage as some of the reasons.

The average ransom demand made in kidnapping cases is 2 million dollars and in some cases, the demand can even go higher than 90 million. This is why kidnapping is a risk that companies should take seriously.

Even without extreme events such as kidnapping and attacks happening, you still need to consider the occurrence of something more common like motor vehicle accidents, which is identified by the CDC as the primary cause of death of healthy U.S. citizens who are living, working, and traveling abroad.

When considering the severity of risk impacts, it’s important to touch on sensitive matters such as serious injury or death of a high-net-worth individual or executive.

It’s a tragedy not just for family and friends, but also for your business. This event can have a negative impact on company share price and financial future. Topics such as this will definitely make you think of having an executive protection driver as a necessary investment.

Why You Should Get An Executive Protection Driver

An executive protection driver trained by an elite security firm such as the World Protection Group can do more than maximize your vehicle’s performance capabilities. They also offer other protection services, especially in unfamiliar locations far from your home.

Elite security drivers exercise measures in order to avoid the risks involved in transporting a high net worth individual. They do pre-mission planning and make use of ongoing oversight and threat monitoring tools which will help them on their situational awareness even while they are on the road.

A driver with medical training is definitely invaluable when you experience emergency situations while on transit.

Aside from this, an executive protection driver knows how to help his client in maximizing time and productivity on the road. Time is money for high-profile people such as executives. Having a security driver lets you avoid situations that can result in costly delays on the road and keep you from attending to your business.

Executives are also used to working while in transit and having the right driver can allow them to concentrate on their phone or laptop while in the backseat instead of worrying about the traffic.

How to Choose the Best Driver For Your Security

The term security-trained driver has no formal definition and it could mean anything from a cab driver who has trained in defensive driving to a former military man who has been driving for security for more than two decades.

When choosing the right driver for the job, these questions will help you assess the credibility of their qualifications.

  • Does the driver have specialized skills or experience in relation to this line of work?
  • Is he prepared to handle medical emergency situations?
  • Has he completed security-oriented driving courses?
  • How experienced is he when it comes to managing operational risks?

These questions can give you a starting point for determining if a driver has at least the basic qualifications needed for the job.

However, you have to probe deeper to know if the driver has the right solution to your specific needs as a high-profile client or passenger.

Your candidate has to willingly go through the following or has these factors in check:

  • Initial and recurring background checks
  • Local area familiarity
  • Ability to make pre-mission preparations
  • Availability of real-time situational tools
  • Visibility on the location of the driver during ground movements
  • Capability to provide a level of service and discretion to an executive client such as yourself

Aside from these, you also have to look for a driver who is sober and drug-free. This should need no explanation and it’s important to ask for a recent drug test and a guarantee from the security firm that their driver is sober.

Moreover, the driver should also be willing to work under a non-disclosure agreement, with no exceptions allowed. This is necessary not just from a security point of view, but also from a business perspective.

As a high-profile individual, you can’t entrust your safety and privacy to just anyone.


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