Gated communities consist entirely of luxury homes and often house high-profile individuals and celebrities, especially in California. These communities are typically secured with flimsy gates and unarmed security guards. All criminals need to do is climb over the fence or bypass it by utilizing natural geography, providing them with easy access to every home in the community. Consequently, many famous people opt to employ their own security for their estates within the gated community. This security might be minimal, such as one guard per shift; nevertheless, it highlights the widespread understanding that communal security is inadequate.

Aerial Security at Luxury Gated Communities

Another critical element of additional security is choosing The World Protection Group, a private protection company that provides security in the sky. For clients already opting for private security for their residences, the agents can double as drone pilots and have all the required licenses to operate effectively in public spaces.

With crime on the rise across California, the rich and famous can no longer feel secure behind their gated communities. Criminals are becoming increasingly emboldened due to pro-criminal legislation and politicians, leading to a surge in crimes, including violent home invasions and robberies. Tactical, armed security will play a crucial role in maintaining community safety. However, drone technology is equally important for continuous 24/7 patrolling, high-quality imaging, and comprehensive security, especially for the most prominent estates and communities.

Drones: Security in the Sky

Drone security is at the forefront of industry trends. Even in Los Angeles, drones are the most sophisticated method of security and allow for extensive patrols and monitoring of even the most prominent estates. Drones do so much more than take photographs from above; they can also feed back live video footage to guards on the ground, have thermal imaging cameras and 360 sensors to avoid obstacles, and even communicate via speakers to the bad guy trying to get onto the property. Often, the speakers & spotlights alone are enough to scare criminals and trespassers away, deterring future crimes. 

Drones are also highly efficient tools available to security and protection personnel. They can be programmed to carry out remote patrols at regular intervals and change their route regularly. This ensures that the entire estate is carefully monitored and data is returned to the command center.

The drone’s 360-degree obstacle sensors are also incredibly sophisticated. They can be programmed to ensure the drone does not bump into wires, telephone poles, or even trees. Their automated programs could even extend to the rest of the gated community to provide comprehensive security across the whole area. If any resident were to set off their alarm, the drone would fly to the location of the alarm, take footage of the crime scene, and relay key information to the guards responding on the ground.

Comprehensive Approach to Security

Hiring armed security with additional advanced training, such as a drone pilot license or EMT certification, is the best way forward. You will be protected on the ground and in the sky from various threats. Especially for clients who only employ one guard per shift and have minimal security, having a protection agent who can also utilize drone technology is incredibly important. WPG is dedicated to high-quality armed security with agents who have diverse skill sets. An FAA drone pilot will be able to use security in the sky to keep an eye on the entire estate and will understand how to utilize technology like speaker systems in the drone to let the criminal know he is being watched and needs to leave immediately. 

Even in luxury gated communities, security needs to be amplified and increased. This starts with armed security on the ground, but by officers or agents trained to fly drones and can use this technology to keep the entire community safe.

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