When it comes to close protection, many clients mistakenly believe that the best agents are those who are big and bulky and make a show of their bodyguard status. However, this kind of flashy and noticeable approach can come with many downsides. When security draws attention to itself, this can actually make the client more of a target for threats. 

The best security is driven by training, intelligence, and instincts. To the random person on the street, it will be subtle and hard to detect. Not only does this ensure high quality security and protection measures that are guided by a proactive approach, but it also allows the client to keep a lower profile when in public.

Security For High-Profile Clients

Every high-profile client’s security needs may differ, so the techniques employed should be tailored to their specific circumstances and preferences. The primary goal is to provide a high level of security while minimizing any disruptions to the client’s daily activities and maintaining a low profile.

Discreet Appearance 

It may sound overly simplistic, but even how protection agents dress is important to the overall appearance of the detail. This can play an important role in providing a subtle and discreet protection service to clients. 

With an increase in the use of social media by everyone, including clients and their bodyguards, some bodyguards  may be drawn to fame and notoriety and actually try to leverage their celebrity clients for this purpose. This can translate to how they present themselves in person, with noticeable clothes and even flashing their weapon in public.

Instead, a protection agent should not be focused on drawing attention to themselves. They should be focused on keeping their client out of harm’s way by utilizing their training and instincts with a choreographed approach toward risks. The best protection agents will also be the ones who never need to use their weapons or even show them off. This is because they will have a preemptive approach toward close protection and security, meaning the threats never get so close that a use of force is needed.

A subtle appearance that flies under the radar means that the client is less likely to be targeted and noticed when out in public. Therefore, the risks are overall minimized.

Situational Awareness

Executive protection agents go through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hours of training in order to hone their skills and instincts. Part of this training revolves around situational and spatial awareness. This means that protection agents are always aware of what is going on around them and can scan a room or street for potential threats and take the necessary action to deter or avoid them.

The protection detail will also make valuable advances. This takes place before a client goes somewhere, and the agent will go beforehand to scope out the location or venue. It provides an opportunity to not only find any potential risks or blind spots but also to choreograph a quick exit if a dangerous situation does emerge. This is where a carefully choreographed approach is vital. It allows the protection team to plan for every eventuality while removing the client from harm in a safe way as fast as possible. Rather than trying  to engage or take out the danger, the protection agent should always be focused on the  client’s safety, which means getting them out of danger quickly and cautiously. During the advance, the protection team will often identify exits and temporary safe rooms that the client could be taken to if a threat emerges. 

Situational awareness is also essential for event security. Many clients will attend very high-profile events and think that good security is guaranteed. However, in recent months, it has become clear that danger can occur at all types of events. Just consider the attack on Salman Rushdie or the assassination of Shinzo Abe. Many would assume that a famous, controversial writer or a former Prime Minister of Japan would have extensive and comprehensive security. However, clearly, this is not always the case. It is necessary to have a very solid protection detail that has the training to scan an entire room and identify those who stick out as not belonging or potentially dangerous.

Social Media Presence

Providing discreet security services extends into the digital sphere. Protection companies should ensure that their agents have a professional and discreet presence in the field and on social media. 

There are many bodyguards in California who are drawn to the job because it gets them close to the rich and famous. These individuals will not think twice about posting their clients on their own social media accounts and flashing their weapons in photos. Not only is this very unprofessional, but it can actually be dangerous as well. These types of posts can unintentionally broadcast to the public the location of the client or even where they live.

Instead, executive protection agents should ensure that, if they have an online presence, it is professional and discreet. They should never post photos of their clients or boast about their line of work. Agents should preserve professionalism and their client’s privacy in every facet of their lives, in person and online. 

Consult with Experienced Security Professionals 

Tailoring security techniques to the specific circumstances and preferences of high-profile clients is crucial for providing effective protection. Consulting with security professionals at The World Protection Group is recommended to ensure a discreet and lawful approach to comprehensive close protection.

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