Just like natural disasters, civil unrest can happen anywhere. It’s not just confined to large cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Nowadays, areas such as Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Missouri have had riots occur. 

Most likely, you will never know when a riot or other forms of civil unrest will happen near your residence or place of business. Find out here why you need a private executive protection service in times of civil unrest.

The damages resulting from protests and riots to your property are something you should not underestimate. Beat-up storefronts, broken windows, and stolen merchandise are only some of the things you have to worry about when civil unrest breaks out in your area.

Not only are these costly to your business, but it can also endanger the lives of the people who work for you as well.

A protest can start from being an organized people event, but it can later progress into a disruptive, even violent riot in a short period of time.

Establishments such as offices, banks, restaurants, and coffee shops have become targets for rioters and looters. The larger the group of people involved, the more unpredictable the outcome would be. These larger groups can break down into smaller groups, with each having different intentions.

This is why it’s important that businesses initiate measures to secure their properties. In extreme cases, the damages of civil unrest can result in more than a minor inconvenience. Some businesses ended up having to close for a while in order to complete the repairs to the place and replace the merchandise lost from lootings.

A sure way to protect your business from civil unrest is to avail of the services of private executive protection firms.

How Private Security Can Protect Your Business

Private security guards and executive protection agents can help safeguard your property against the damages brought on by looting, rioting, and vandalism.

Here are ways that can help in keeping your property protected in times of civil unrest with the help of private security personnel.

Keeping Your Eyes and Ears Open

Staying informed lets you monitor the situation in your area and keep track of potential events or issues that can lead to civil unrest.

Reading up on news and announcements via news outlets, authorities, and social media is a great start in protecting your business.

Check Your Property for Weak Spots

This involves conducting a thorough inspection of your property and identifying the vulnerabilities.

Not only that, but you also have to include the surrounding areas in your assessment. You have to check parking lots, streets, alleys, and neighboring businesses.

This will help you identify risk management issues such as employee and customer safety, potential crowding or traffic, and gaps in security measures.

Implement Security Practices

Once you have assessed your area for potential vulnerabilities, it’s time to form a thorough security plan to be implemented in your property.

These security practices include the following:

  • Putting up security cameras and alarm systems
  • Boarding up the doors and windows
  • Installing proper locks on all doors and windows
  • Putting motion-sensing external lighting and glass-break sensors, and
  • Hiring private security guards

We at the World Protection Group does not just provide you with the best security personnel to physically guard the place, but we also do a threat assessment that will help make the security plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Protect Your Property from Fire

Vandals do not just spray paint your storefronts and facades with graffiti, they can also set your place on fire by lighting up trash containers.

These receptacles are often positioned near buildings and may contain combustible material. This is why you should move these containers away from your building.

In case of fire, your sprinkler system should always be ready. Ensure that your water sources are monitored and tamper-proof.

While you’re at it, move company vehicles within your security perimeter or someplace safe off the premises. Gather up your oil and propane tanks and lock them up to keep them safe from protesters.

Lastly, look for loose items that can be used as projectiles and lock them up within the building.

Move Valuable Items

If it’s possible, avoid storing too much cash and other valuable items in your property if your area is a hotspot for civil unrest.

Store cash, merchandise, and high-value supplies somewhere else safe. 

Adjust Your Business Hours

Consider altering your business hours to avoid putting your customers and employees at risk during times of civil unrest.

Even if it’s just temporary, you can open at a later time or close earlier to avoid dangerous hours. You can also give your employees the option to work from home if it’s doable for their type of job. 

This removes the need for unnecessary commuting that can put them at risk.

Ensure Your First Line of Defense

If a riot happens, you will want your private security team to be in place and ready to handle the violence.

You can call the police, but it can take a considerable amount of time for them to arrive on the scene and by then the damage to your property was already done.

Having your own security personnel means you have somebody to keep you safe while waiting for the responders to arrive.

When you hire agents from the World Protection Group, you can rest easy knowing that your property will be in good hands with or without the presence of the police.

Do Not Compromise the Safety of Your Business

Let the World Protection Group provide you with the best executive protection agents in the industry.

They provide more than just physical protection — they are also trained to assess all kinds of threats in any given situation and create a security plan that will get everything covered. 

Let’s get started on your personal security, contact our team at the World Protection Group today.

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