More than ever, it’s important for companies to really look into putting health and safety measures in place in order to protect their customers and employees. Lots of city centers are affected by the consequences of rioting, with retail businesses being an easy target.

Civil unrest won’t only compromise the welfare of employees and customers, but also the earnings of commercial establishments due to looting and property damage.

With this, companies must anticipate potential risks that may arise from the activities of the people that work for them. For instance, employees commuting to and from work are vulnerable to the dangers of rioting. One solution would be for management to consider implementing a remote work setup in certain days—if their operations permit.

Measures to Ensure the Safety of Employees and Customers

The degree of risks involved is best determined by the local police. As part of the control measures, clear communication between the authorities and the company should be established. The police should proactively inform businesses if and when safety threats are most likely to happen.

In the event that the information needed is not available at the moment, the company itself should be able to do an assessment of the situation using reliable sources.

In order to reduce the potential risks as much as possible, companies should record possible threats, as well as the steps that will be put in place.

Here are the control measures that should be included in making an effective security plan:

  • Means of communication with workers even during outside office hours
  • Employee updates, including the remote workers, about the risks
  • Plan to close and leave the premises in case of a significant risk
  • Plan to close and secure the premises if evacuation isn’t possible
  • Persons in charge within the company who can keep themselves updated on local threats and information

As a precautionary measure, all fire safety equipment should be checked to ensure that they are in good working order. Employees should be briefed about the location of said emergency tools.

Fire exits should also always be accessible. Lastly, employers should take it upon themselves to stay vigilant and provide protection for their employees in case threats increase.

If a company needs help with risk and threat assessment, then they should consider getting help from experts on this field, such as the World Protection Group (WPG). As part of our executive protection services, our team does top-grade security risk and vulnerability assessments to create a solid security engagement plan for individuals and organizations.

Ensuring That Employees Will Come To Work As Usual

Employees should be encouraged to go to work as usual, as long as it’s safe to commute and there’s no threat of unrest in the area of operation. Basically, putting too much pressure on employees to come to work in areas that the police identified as risky should be avoided.

Employers should have a sense of responsibility to the welfare of their employees. Besides, potential liability may happen if employees are forced to commute to work when almost all the warning signs are there.

Prioritizing Employee Protection

Employers should communicate as soon as possible with employees when riots arise, or, better yet, when they are bound to happen. They should talk to their workers immediately, express concern, and stress the importance of being aware of the current situation.

In addition, they should provide guidance to ensure the safety not just of their employees but also their customers as well.

As a solution to these, companies can promote virtual meetings, so employees don’t have to travel to and from risky areas. They must also take note of possible travel disruptions by checking local news and social media.

On the flipside, it’s important that employees are informed about the company’s security and emergency plans. They must constantly update and confirm their contact information so they can be reached if the need arises.

If there are employees that really need to report to work even during a risky situation, businesses should consider hiring top security personnel to ensure their safety. Executive protection agents at the World Protection Group have years of extensive experience providing protection for individuals against different kinds of threats.

Taking a Balanced Approach

Employers should take a balanced approach when requesting employees to come to work and imposing that they should do it despite the possible dangers.

Of course, they have the prerogative to consider giving employees disciplinary action if they simply chose not to go to work even if they could. But unless it’s a really blatant or persistent case, employers should avoid putting time and resources to look into the circumstances of an employee’s absence.

Protecting the Facilities

Part of protecting employees is to ensure the safety of a company’s facilities as well. If a business operates in an area where riots normally happen, then chances are they are at great risk for different types of unruly behavior. It’s also imperative to ask employees for help by advising them to stay vigilant for signs of unusual activity in the area.

This may also be the ideal opportunity to test the burglar and fire protection systems in the building and make sure that the notification procedures with alarm companies are in place. Check doors, windows, and other points of entry, and see if they’re all in perfect working condition. Consider boarding up windows and other security measures if needed.

Protecting the Business Means Protecting the Employees

Remember that the safety of workers should always be at the forefront. They should be able to work and be at their most productive, and not worry about their wellbeing. Hiring executive protection agents to keep danger at bay is a huge step in maintaining the overall wellness of both employees and the business.

Learn more about the World Protection Group to further understand our services and how the best security agents and risk assessment services help businesses.


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