Amidst the annual increase in crime rates in Los Angeles, the imperative for business owners to opt for armed and highly trained security has never been more pronounced. Selecting such security measures not only enhances the safety of properties, dissuading potential criminals from encroaching upon the premises, but it also translates to improved financial performance for companies by alleviating concerns about rampant theft.

Thoroughly Trained Security Personnel

In California, The World Protection Group, Inc. goes beyond conventional training for protection agents, ensuring comprehensive expertise beyond just protection and firearms. Agents undergo thorough training in CPR, first aid, and AED, equipping them to respond effectively to medical emergencies. Additionally, protection agents are certified in using a baton, with a complete eight-hour training day for a baton permit and 14 hours for a firearm permit. Pepper spray is a standard inclusion on their duty belt, and handcuffs are essential tools for potential detainment or a citizen’s arrest.

A recent incident in downtown Los Angeles highlighted the effectiveness of WPG security personnel. When people screamed about a man with a gun, two WPG security officers in the vicinity responded promptly. One of the officers observed a man with his hand in a bag, identifying him as a potential threat. The armed man approached the security officer menacingly, prompting a swift response. The security officer successfully tackled and detained the assailant, with assistance from the second security officer. Simultaneously, the LAPD responded to the scene after being called, ensuring a coordinated effort to manage the situation. Unfortunately, there is a notable surge in attacks on security officers, including shootings, across the United States.

A Proactive and Preventative Response

This underscores the distinction between a response from armed security officers who are well-trained and in optimal physical condition. A significant number of our officers boast backgrounds in ex-military or ex-law enforcement. While they undergo additional protection training, these individuals also receive extensive academy training. Combined with specialized security training, these officers exhibit a proactive and responsive approach.

In the aforementioned scenario, the security officers made a deliberate choice not to deploy their weapons. Their decision stemmed from their familiarity with the surroundings and awareness that the area was bustling with shoppers and passersby. Opting not to draw their guns and fire at the assailant was a calculated move to prevent potential harm to innocent bystanders. This exemplifies the exceptional instincts developed by protection agents and armed security officers, showcasing their acute awareness of their surroundings, understanding of potential consequences, and ability to neutralize threats without jeopardizing the lives of others.

Business Should Choose Armed Security 

Executive protection companies are increasingly being sought after by shopping malls and bustling retail streets looking to enhance security on their premises. In the past, business owners predominantly opted for unarmed security. However, there has been a notable shift towards armed security as business owners recognize the limitations of unarmed guards.

Unarmed security personnel face significant constraints in their ability to respond to crimes. Their role often revolves around observing and reporting, relying on the hope that law enforcement will arrive before the criminal escapes. With minimal training and lacking experience in military or law enforcement, unarmed guards typically undergo just 40 hours to obtain a security guard card, in stark contrast to the extensive training endured by armed protection agents, often totaling hundreds or even thousands of hours.

While there is some merit to the role of observing and reporting crime, it pales in comparison to the proactive value offered by armed security. Unarmed guards lack the capacity to prevent or intercept criminals, resulting in many perpetrators evading punishment due to their inability to take decisive action.

Choosing armed security equates to opting for crime prevention and deterrence, addressing potential threats before they materialize.

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