What Type of Executive Protection Agents do we Look For? People that can bench press 400 lbs or solve the Rubik’s cube in one minute?

When it comes to hiring executive protection agents, a lot of companies and clients need to look for the right qualifications. People often equate the most enormous, brawniest executive protection agents with high-quality security. Some clients even request that a protection company send their biggest agent as part of their security detail. However, there are a lot of issues and mistakes involved with this kind of mindset. It can lead to dangerous results for the client because the correct type of protection is not the biggest or toughest guy. Many of them in the industry have no formal Executive Protection training.

An executive protection company that caters to high-profile CEOs, billionaires and celebrities needs to understand how to hire the best protection agents in the industry. In addition, there needs to be a strong understanding of which protection instincts, formal training, and skills are the most valuable for these clients. 


Intelligence or Muscles? Which Should Protection Companies Prioritize?

While intelligence and muscles are not mutually exclusive, an executive protection company may need to consider which attribute is most important or which asset should be focused on during the hiring process.

So which should companies prioritize? Ultimately, intelligence and instincts are more important than the amount of muscle or the size of an executive protection agent. Being big and brawny does not necessarily make a good agent. Big agents are frequently chosen because they look intimidating and are more noticeable, and some clients believe their larger body size will deter criminals or threats from approaching them. However, they may end up in use of force lawsuits while the client is being sued.

Agents typically need more essential skills when they rely on their muscles to do the job. They may also think their body and weapons are the only tools they need to protect the client and keep the bad guys away. This is not reality, though. In fact, the best agents will never have to use their weapons because they keep their clients from danger altogether. “Cover and Evacuate.” Do not engage the bad guys. 

Some of the biggest agents can come from ex-military, martial artists, or ex-law enforcement backgrounds–something clients often ask for as well. While these backgrounds naturally provide individuals with valuable past skills and training, these are not transferable to an executive protection setting. Protecting the public, either through the military or the police, requires very different tactics and instincts than private protection does. 

For instance, these individuals are often trained to react in a way that will put down a threat; all of their focus will be on the dangerous individual, not the client. In contrast, an executive protection agent with specialized training will have unique instincts that ensure the client is always the priority. This means that when a threat is identified, the agent will remove the client from danger as quickly as possible instead of trying to take down the dangerous individual. 

Intelligence and proper training are essential to a good executive protection agent. They will have the expertise and knowledge to understand a client’s complete security and protection needs.


Expert Protection Services

Hiring intelligent agents is especially relevant when it comes to additional security services. For celebrities and high-profile individuals, there are many threats that private citizens do not always encounter. An executive protection company may need to tailor its services to cover these threats.

For example, celebrities often have stalker threats. Their protection company needs to be able to anticipate this type of threat, understand how to respond carefully to it, and communicate as a coordinated team. Big agents ready to rush at a threat will not suit this type of situation and may make it worse.

A company that understands how intelligence gathering works is essential and will keep the client safe when these dangerous and potentially volatile situations emerge. Creative and holistic security is valuable when finding solutions to complex problems. Intelligent agents and high-quality protection companies will work with the client, even in tricky circumstances, to find the best way to keep them safe.

Of course, this is not to say that an agent with muscle is never a good option. On the contrary, this can still be a precious asset, especially in dangerous situations when a threat needs to be detained or removed. But muscle needs to be accompanied by intelligence and hundreds of hours of training. This ensures that the protection agent has the proper skill set and instincts for personal security work. Any company looking to have a strong and reliable team of protection agents will need to hire with these attributes in mind.

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