Some clients may think that one executive protection agent and a security driver will be enough, even when five people pile into the car and are headed to the destination together. This situation might not sound very dangerous. However, it can quickly turn into utter chaos because many times the high profile executive or CEO will be designated as the protectee and therefore this leaves the four other people vulnerable without them realizing it. 

Leaving Clients Vulnerable 

For instance, a CEO client might be in a foreign country vacationing with his family and he decides to stay at the hotel while the others go out partying at a club. These individuals will often have the executive protection agent leave the CEO behind and come with them to provide protection at the nightclub. 

If something happens at the nightclub or bar, the protection company still cannot guarantee that just a security driver and agent are able to get to all of the clients should something dangerous occur or a threat emerge.

Another common occurrence is something as simple as the clients separating during an event. If someone is in the bathroom when a threat occurs, the agent will make the hard decision to leave them behind in order to protect the four other people. This can be prevented if the client hires adequate protection for every single person present.

Advantages of a Security Driver

Many times, and depending on where the incident occurs, the security driver must stay with the car. It is an advantage for the driver to stay with the car because he can stay right outside the location which would allow the car to be in good proximity in case there is some kind of threat that occurs where the clients are. This means they can get out of harm’s way quickly since the car will be right there and the driver will be ready to go. 

Sometimes when you are doing a two person detail, the executive protection agent will escort the client into the location (such as a restaurant or concert) and the security driver will go to park the car before returning and offering additional protection for the client. This means that there ends up being two people protecting the client or more than one person nearly at all times, except for the brief period when the car is being parked. 

However, the downside is that the car is no longer as conveniently parked and may add to the risk or threat level. The priority should always be on removing the client from harm as effectively and quickly as possible and separating the driver from the car may hinder this goal.

Why Every Person Needs a Security Driver and Protection Agent

Executive protection experts will always warn these clients that they cannot guarantee safety in these types of situations. If you have five people, two agents will never be enough. Ideally, two agents are required to provide full protection for one person. Many times, clients will ignore this proven advice and ask for the bare minimum, thinking they only need one agent and driver. In the private sector, this may be an attempt to save money and take a shortcut. However, clients do not realize how vulnerable this will leave them.

From a liability standpoint, the security company has all of the risk and problems and even if all of the warnings and disclaimers are given, the company will still be blamed if something goes wrong. It is incredibly difficult for a security team to protect multiple clients when it is obvious that they do not have the manpower or resources necessary to provide comprehensive protection.

It should always be recommended to clients that when they are in transit or traveling somewhere, that they provide both an executive protection agent and a security driver for every person who will be present. This ensures that a high level of protection is available and that every individual will be looked after and protected should a threat occur during the transportation or at the location.

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