Crime will only worsen in Los Angeles and across California due to several factors that have primarily interfered with the police department’s ability to fulfill its objectives and duties. 

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First of all, you must consider Prop 47 and its effect on the law. When Prop 47 was passed, it downgraded theft up to $950 from a felony to a misdemeanor. In many cases, this means that many courts choose not to prosecute this level of theft, which allows criminals to get away with all kinds of robberies as long as it stays under the limit of $950 multiple times a day. For the Police, this can be infuriating and make it a waste of their time to apprehend thieves, as it will often mean the thief leaves the crime scene with just a slap on the wrist.

Another reason for a decline in arrests, despite the increased crime, is the public’s current negative perception of the Police, which was promoted in the US by politicians. As a result, many police officers feel that they are now powerless to act and cannot even protect themselves for fear of being publicly accused of unnecessary use of force. As a result, many have retired, left law enforcement, or reapplied to law enforcement that supports the Police.  

Alongside these issues, police departments, even in large cities like Los Angeles, regularly find their services losing funding. This results in fewer officers, less training, and an overall lack of resources. The result? Police departments that lack the resources are unable to send officers to crime scenes or 911 callers in an urgent fashion. For example, victims of robberies might be unable to speak with a police officer after their home has been broken into for over 24 hours. 

This ties into the issue of a lack of police officers overall. The Los Angeles Police Department, for example, is down over 1000 officers. Why? Due to the loss of resources, many officers decide on early retirement, and fewer people are interested in the profession. The fact that the laws favor the criminals now only compounds this issue and makes fewer people want to become officers. 

The city and surrounding neighborhoods are becoming increasingly dangerous places to live or run a business. 

Unfortunately, the politicians are not coming up with real solutions. They think that more gun laws will stop crime. However, criminals do not care about gun laws and will get their hands on guns despite what the law says. The only people affected by the new gun laws are those who have the permits–these individuals have already gone through the necessary and thorough checks and will not be using their guns to commit crimes. 

Build Relationships with Private Security Firms 

To deal with the increase in crime rates, we highly recommend consulting with private security companies before you need them. They understand how to lower crime and have experience on the ground. In addition, private security is proactive and preventative. When they do security for anyone, including offices or corporations, the goal is to be 100% preventive. 

You need to develop a relationship with a protection company early on and not wait for a bad guy to break in. You do not need security after the fact, but before, and use it as a preventative service, enhancing safety and protection. 

The security firm will be able to help you understand your security options and how best to protect yourself, your family, and your property or business. Three security solutions for high-profile clients, billionaires, and their families are:

These protection services, such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems, may include a high-level risk and vulnerability assessment and threat investigations that allow the security personnel to understand the property’s security needs.

Even if you do not require around-the-clock security, which many people do not, it is essential to have a relationship with a security firm and understand your protection options and how they can keep you safe.

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