Time to prepare now for the security of your family, home, and children. Don’t wait until you have been attacked.

Across the country, crime rates are on a huge rise. Los Angeles has an exponential increase in crime of all types, such as violent crimes and robberies. In fact, in the last two years, murders in Los Angeles County have gone up by 35%. And yet, despite these terrifying statistics and the increasing concern of citizens, arrests have decreased over the years. This might seem confusing, but recent trends across the country can explain this occurrence.

Police are no longer responding to lower-level crime in the same way that they used to. Due to recent events and protests calling to defund the police, many law enforcement officers no longer feel safe responding to crime. They are worried that if they have to use force against someone, they risk losing their job, reputation, and potentially even their freedom. This means that many choose to look outside big cities like Los Angeles for work or are more reticent to answer calls unless they absolutely have to. In Los Angeles, arrests are down by 20% even though crime is escalating. 

Additionally, many law enforcement agencies are being defunded. With fewer resources and officers on the team, the police often must respond promptly to every call or threat with fewer resources. Unfortunately, they are being stretched thin, leaving some crimes treated with less seriousness or urgency. As a result, Law Enforcement response times are much slower.

Some laws are making it easier for criminals to get away with their crimes. For instance, thefts up to the value under $995 (Prop 47) may not be prosecutable or go to jail. This means that criminals can essentially walk into any shop and take products up to that amount without fear of being detained or arrested. This creates an atmosphere where crime can thrive, and police cannot respond or protect anyone. All of these contribute to increasing crime rates across the city and leave citizens at risk of being the victims of crime every day.


How can you protect your family?

Unfortunately, you can no longer rely on the police to protect you and your family from crime. This means that alternatives to traditional armed security need to be considered. However, you mustn’t wait for the worst to happen. Everyone needs to be proactive about protecting their family and their property. Even if you have not yet been the victim of crime, the increasing rates mean that everyone needs to stay aware and take additional steps to ensure security. 

Private security offers a valuable service to all individuals and often is the first choice of celebrities, high-profile CEOs, and billionaires. These clients are the typical targets for all types of criminals and should always be proactive regarding protecting their residences and family.

Executive protection companies offer comprehensive security services that address all types of threats. Thorough security assessments are initially carried out to discover any gaps in the security detail of the client. This includes reviewing the residential security and finding any areas that may not be covered by cameras or a security patrol. 

One of the best security tools around is drone protection. This is ultra-modern and offers security and intelligence-gathering opportunities that old-fashioned security cannot compete with. Drones can be programmed to fly regular automated patrols across the client’s property. The security detail can then monitor the entire property from the command center, creating an efficient and effective security system. Should any intruders be seen on the property, the drone can also use a speaker system to tell the intruder that they have been spotted and that the authorities and security team are on their way. This incredibly intimidating method usually keeps criminals away from the property altogether.

Creating a safe environment for you and your family is getting more complex, but a high-quality protection team can enhance your security and ensure your residence is fully protected. Private security and security drivers offer the type of protection law enforcement can no longer provide. Security services are tailored to each client’s individual needs. And if you are the target of additional threats, such as stalking or blackmail, private security is the only practical option available. In addition, high-quality companies offer intelligence services that can thoroughly and professionally investigate these dangers, ensuring they cannot cause actual harm to you or your family.

It is important not to wait until you are the victim of a crime before hiring a private protection company. Being proactive and aware of your options will ensure that you can keep yourself, your family, and your property and possessions away from all types of criminals. Now that law enforcement cannot be relied upon, private personal protection is the best and most effective choice you could make.

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