Rappers are more likely to use buddyguards among celebrities and high-profile individuals for their protection. But unfortunately, they are the highest-risk celebrities, and even in the past weeks, several rappers have been killed.

Many rappers will hire their friends as their security and people they grew up with, and these individuals hardly ever have formal security training.

It is easy for bad guys to spot rappers and their buddyguards because many post pictures and videos on social media with their clients, and they need to protect the Rapper’s privacy which is part of our protection. Therefore, they’ll be seen going in and out of a hotel or apartment building without caring about the social media posts that could alert bad guys of their exact locations. They often stand out from the crowd and draw attention to them.

The consequences can be perilous when professional and personal lines get blurred. For instance, the person meant to act as a bodyguard may be asked to take on tasks and responsibilities outside their scope of duty. This means they might begin doing errands for the client or go clubbing with them. When this happens, the security detail is no longer focusing on keeping the client safe; and the new agenda and its distraction can lead to dangerous situations. They become part of the Rapper’s posse.

Rappers and all celebrities require a reliable executive protection team that maintains a high level of professionalism, rigorous training, and necessary qualifications.

The Dangers of a Buddyguard

If a bad guy wants to launch an attack on the Rapper, all they have to do is gather intelligence by carrying out simple surveillance on them. They might also do a dry run by approaching the Rapper and asking for an autograph to test the waters and see the security response. This will show the bad guy how close he can get to the Rapper and could even establish a rapport with the Rapper from there. Then the bad guy knows he can just walk up to the Rapper and shoot him the next day.

When you see any type of attack on a rapper, you will likely notice that it is utter chaos because the security team has no idea what they are doing or how they should respond. As a result, they will likely panic instead of reacting and protecting the client.

Many buddyguards of rappers will not even try to stay professional on the job. Instead, they will be partying with the client, drinking, and taking drugs. As a result, there is no way for an intoxicated security guard to effectively respond to a threat.

Hiring Real Protection

What rappers need to be doing is hiring reliable, high-quality professional protection. You must separate your friends and personal life from your security team and therefore bring in an external protection company. They will have no relationship with the client and thus have the professional barrier firmly in place.

A professional team will always have their number one priority in mind: protecting the client and keeping them out of harm. They know how to minimize threats and remove the client from dangerous situations without drawing lots of attention. Ultimately, keeping the private life and friends separate from a client’s security will keep them safe from all threats.

An excellent executive protection team can help the client with better security systems across the property as well. A professional team will conduct a Risk Vulnerability Assessment to identify security gaps and install high-quality alarm systems. This ensures that the client has enhanced protection even if they do not have 24/7 security. Unfortunately, no buddyguard team can recommend a thorough and sophisticated security and alarm system. They need to gain skills or formal training in that area.

It is time for the rappers to eliminate the buddyguards and hire a professional team for celebrity protection and security.

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