Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Having Serious Security Issues at California Estate

In recent months, there have been multiple security violations and over the last year there have been over six incidents. The rate of these security breaches clearly shows that the couple is a target for this type of dangerous activity and that they need to immediately address the failings of their protection team.

Despite residing in an expansive estate worth well over $14 million, the famous couple cannot seem to hire effective security. The estate is situated in an exclusive neighborhood and on a private road with more than one security gate. Yet every year since moving to California, Harry and Meghan have faced these security threats over and over. 

The couple is still waiting to figure out exactly how and by whom their security team will be paid and what enhanced measures are needed. But this is a matter of urgency and they should not wait for the court’s decision before strengthening their personal security and the protection of their estate.

Privacy Problem – Get your address off the internet

It is not clear why, when they moved from Tyler Perry’s home where they were temporarily staying, their new address was instantly revealed, including a picture of the new house in Montecito. The family had complained about the lack of privacy at the Perry property. They complained about drones flying over the top of the home, but for some reason, even with a security team, the new residence was leaked somehow. We suggest they contact an executive protection company with experience in removing their personal information from the internet. We recommend that someone can help them develop privacy and an anonymous lifestyle. It will protect their privacy from future intruders, stalkers, or criminals that could pose a danger to them and prevent a home invasion attack.

Ex Michael Jackson Director of Security hired by Prince Harry Despite Past Criminal Record?

It was reported that they hired the former Michael Jackson’s head of security when he died, Alberto Alvarez, as their Director of Security. Alverez was later terminated by the Jackson family when the family found out he had a drunk driving conviction and domestic abuse allegations against him. We recommend that all clients and security firms do an extensive background check on anyone that will be the head of security and all executive protection agents. Harry and Meghan can afford to hire the best security in the world, and it is hard to imagine that any high-profile family could hire a person with a criminal past. We have seen this done by celebrities, billionaires, and high-profile people in the past, and it has always had a bad ending.  

Private Personal Protection

It is essential that Harry and Meghan find an executive protection company that is experienced in protecting celebrities and securing their estates against all types of threat. This work requires not just specialist training but also honed instincts. The protection agents need to understand the types of threat that celebrities are most at risk of and how to address them.

Protection and security companies who are not experienced with celebrity protection will not be aware of the complex nuances that go along with the task. Additionally, professional boundaries can more easily get crossed with less experienced protection companies. The security or protection agents may get close to their clients and form friendships or romantic relationships. Ultimately, this distracts the agent from their job and responsibilities because they will be taking on unrelated tasks like shopping or walking the family dog when they should be focusing solely on the client’s safety.

An experienced and highly knowledgeable protection company will foresee these risks and ensure that their agents have extensive training and perform to the highest professional standards and behaviors.

A Security Assessment

What many celebrities, including Harry and Meghan, need is an in depth security assessment of their residential property. This is something the World Protection Group will always carry out on a new client to ensure that the property is fully understood and surveyed and that any potential security weaknesses are identified as soon as possible.

The security assessment provided by security experts will include a thorough walkthrough of the estate so that agents understand the layout and also any areas that current security systems might not cover. This might be a door that does not have a security camera facing it or a blind spot on the estate where trespassers could easily get in without being seen. 

Some companies blindly outfit an estate with the most expensive security cameras and equipment but do not install it in a logical or sensible way. This means a lot of money is wasted and the client is no safer, hence why an assessment is needed.

Following the assessment, the protection experts are able to provide a security plan that is comprehensive and meets the needs of the estate. 

Modern Comprehensive Security

High profile celebrities and billionaires need enhanced security to ensure that their property, and more importantly their lives, are kept safe and protected. Standard and minimum levels of security simply will not be enough to combat the high level of dangerous criminals they will encounter.

Celebrities should also be turning to the most modern and effective security tools available. Drones are utilized by the best protection companies because they are highly effective and also an efficient tool of the business. 

For clients with large or sprawling properties, drones can be an excellent security solution. They are able to patrol huge areas of land in a short amount of time and can be flown remotely by a pilot located in a security control room. This saves on man power without sacrificing any security. Drones can even be programmed to follow a specific flight path at regular intervals. This means that the property is constantly being surveilled and that no area on the perimeter or throughout the property is neglected or left unchecked.

Drones can also come with additional security features such as speakers or infrared. Speakers can alert the trespasser that they have been located and that the security team or police are on their way to remove them from the property and arrest them. Infrared is used during the night to see if there are any intruders hiding in trees, bushes, or other plants on the property. 

Most intruders and criminals are very intimidated by drones and will likely be deterred from even entering the property if they see a regular drone patrol. This means the drone is a powerful security tool that should not be underestimated as it both deters and identifies criminals.

Harry and Meghan are not the only celebrities that struggle with keeping their properties secure. Every month there are numerous break-ins and trespassing incidents on the estates of the rich and famous. They are targeted by all types, including burglars and stalkers. Hiring an experienced and gold standard security and protection company will ensure that gaps in security are quickly and effectively addressed and remedied.

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