We believe that 95% of protection companies don’t understand that they are delivering a service. Instead of bragging about your fighting ability, we believe in providing the Gold Standard of service.

What is the Gold Standard Service?

The Gold Standard comes from the Ritz-Carlton’s techniques of delivering the best customer experience. This type of service offers comfort and luxury in the perfect amount to enrich the ambiance. Like them, we deliver a polished service that focuses on the client and their experience with our agents.  Our Agents put the radar on and antenna up to anticipate the client’s needs before they ask us. To deliver a WOW factor on every detail.

Hard Skills and Soft Skills

We believe that it’s the soft skills that matter. These skills involve proper communication with clients, knowing about their business, and learning about them as an individual. We take note of whether the stocks are up or down and other aspects of their life that may contribute to their current mood while we are working with them.  Having their favorite latte in the car when we pick them up, knowing where the best restaurants are and also the luxury brands.

Soft skills are all about customer service and how we can deliver the best experience to our clients and their loved ones. While you want an agent who can protect you, you will also want one who can blend into your lifestyle and make their presence comfortable without becoming your best buddy.

Hard skills like fighting ability and how to physically handle threats are also essential because they can be the difference between safety and harm of our clients. Unfortunately, we believe that far too many protection experts focus on the hard skills and don’t deliver a quality client experience, making their presence a little threatening and uncomfortable.

However, The World Protection Group and 001wants our clients and other protection experts to remember, hard skills are rarely used every day. It’s the soft skills that are used every single day and provide a truly memorable customer experience.

Our Agents

Our agents go through memorable customer experience and excellent service culture training to learn how to be the ideal well rounded executive protection agent. While many protection experts have a background in the military or police work that may come in handy at some point, our agents learn how to deliver quality service.

They put their fighting and weapons skills on the back burner until they’re needed. We view customer service as the number one thing that will help build their careers. Agents will put our core values into practice every single day when they are protecting one of our clients.

What Our Clients Want

When you want protection, you don’t want an untrained thug to be what stands between you and danger.  In the past, you may have hired security experts who had the physical skills you want in a protection expert, but they didn’t deliver the gold standard customer service. That’s how many security companies do business.

We believe that your protection is a luxury service, and we want to make it feel that way.  While many of our clients do want protection agents who can do damage when needed, they also hope for the hotel concierge service you’d expect in an establishment like the Ritz-Carlton. Lucky for our clients, our agents have learned the delicate balance between soft skills and hard skills.