Security personnel is known to possess great physical strength and physique. You only have to look at their intimidating bodies and imposing demeanor to know that they are not the people you want to mess with. But while physical strength are mandatory requirements to become a security agent, it takes more than that, especially if you’re an executive protection agent from WPG. It’s not enough that you can bench press 400 pounds, your intelligence should be as formidable as your physical attributes. Superior executive protection agents possess other traits that make them worth the premium rates they are being paid for. These traits are essential to keep up with the unique demands of the protective service industry. Security companies have to constantly come up with fresh solutions to keep their security agents productive and happy with their jobs, no matter how challenging it gets.

Essential Traits That an Executive Protection Agent Must Have

The following traits will make security agents highly successful not only in this field of expertise but in other fields as well. Here are the essential characteristics necessary to become a successful executive protection agent:

1.  Resourcefulness

A mix of observant and determination is important to thrive as an agent. A combination of these two qualities results in resourcefulness. Executive protection agents are often exposed to unique situations. They may be operating on a standard operating procedure, but those rules are being constantly put to the test with each job they have. Resourcefulness is needed in order to come up with the best solutions, especially in challenging circumstances and unexpected situations. They need forward-thinking and not rely on luck and chance to deliver superior results.

2.  Dedication

Nothing less than 100% professional commitment will do when it comes to being an executive protection agent. They are aware that the needs of the principal come before their own in terms of security, productivity, and privacy. Personal preferences and feelings should be set aside for the sake of the people they are protecting and stand by them no matter what happens. This can only be achieved if the agent is totally dedicated to his job.

3.  Resilience

Bad things happen to anyone, even to the best executive protection agents. Agents are always in tough situations, but the ones who truly make the cut are those that show resilience in times of great adversity. They don’t let feelings of helplessness get in the way of sticking to the mission. To have this, an agent must be psychologically put-together. They should be able to remain calm even under emergencies. Succumbing to pessimism and negativity is a no-no, an agent should know how to counter negative emotions with positive and optimistic ones.

4.  Discretion

Complete privacy and confidentiality is a staple in the security business. Part of the job in protecting clients is to not reveal anything that goes on in their personal life, be it family, work, and friends. A client must be completely at ease with having their agents in the background practically 24/7, without having to worry about their activities leaking to the public. Because of this, integrity is an essential trait for an agent.

5.  Socially Skilled

The ability to build relationships and work with people harmoniously is immensely important when you’re an executive protection agent. Establishing trust and rapport with people from all walks of life, from the ultra-rich to the people on the streets, is necessary to get things done. Agents of high quality are excellent communicators who are clear and persuasive when it comes to getting their message across. When it comes to social engagements involving the client, executive protection agents know when to engage in conversations and when to discreetly become a wallpaper.

6.  Prioritizing Safety and Security

Executive protection agents are there for one thing: to protect the individual. Executive protection agents always think of the client and their own safety first. When it comes to the client, they will never intentionally put them in harm’s way or do anything to compromise their safety. A security expert will never put themselves or their client in a position to get hurt or in trouble.

7.  Soft skills

What is used every day are customer experience and the ability to blend in with our clients’ surroundings and lifestyles. Many people put too much attention on the skills that we will never use (eg. gun skill). While those skills are necessary, there needs to be a balance between those and soft skills. Anticipating a client’s needs and delivering high-quality service is the best way to ensure their protection while making them feel safe. Radar on antenna up to create a daily WOW factor for the client.

Choosing Right Means You Only Need to Choose Once

Security is one of the biggest challenges in the world today, as many kinds of threats have emerged over the past few years. With so many risks present for high-profile clientele, choosing the best executive protection agents provides you with what you need. Look no further than choosing World Protection Group for your security needs. We have 5000 agents with backgrounds in the Secret Service and military protection, and have access to the latest equipment available.

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