Privacy and confidentiality are important for everyone, rich or poor. But this is given much more emphasis when it comes to billionaires and other high-profile people given the nature of their jobs or their lifestyles.

Protecting a billionaire’s personal space and information is a solid industry in itself. This entails safeguarding a client’s personal information, such as health and financial records, as well as physical protection from bodily harm.

The advantages of being rich and famous are definitely plenty, but with it come a set of disadvantages that may cost their well-being and even their lives.

The amount of attention that billionaires attract from the public may result in compromise and violations in their privacy. This is why ensuring it is a serious business indeed.

How Do the Ultra-Rich Protect Their Privacy and Confidentiality?

When you are a household name and pretty much everything you do in public can be splattered all over social media in a matter of minutes, you will go through great lengths in order to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. In general, billionaires invest in these areas to maintain their privacy and security:

1.  Luxury Executive Protection

All billionaires have nothing less than exceptional business expertise. But not all of them have enough knowledge or experience when it comes to executive protection and security.

Because of these, they ended up relying on security services that did not undergo formal executive protection training.

Believe it or not, there are VIPs who would rather save on the cost of their protection services rather than prioritizing quality.

A security group with the highest caliber of protection services should be operating on a business model that provides exceptional customer service and practices a healthy work culture.

Also, the group should be able to establish and promote itself the way luxury brands do.

With such quality, the security company will be able to embed its protection services seamlessly into the lifestyle of its VIP clientele, protecting them without having to disrupt their daily lives.

2.  Personal Executive Security

VIPs deserve security services carried out by highly-trained executive protection agents. These are trained professionals who can shield them against physical threats and privacy invasion.

Only agents of such quality can do all these while still keeping the utmost discretion and allowing their clients to carry on with their usual routines.

This security service conducts in-depth risk and vulnerability assessment of areas such as residence, place of work, and the routines and lifestyle of family members.

This is essential to identify the most potent sources of security risk, so it can be prioritized and addressed effectively.

3.  Home Security

A top executive protection program should be able to provide comprehensive security for the private residences and estates of VIPs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to accomplish this, the company must carry out a comprehensive threat and vulnerability analysis and then provide both armed and unarmed agents based on the client’s security needs.

This also includes installing electronic security systems that give them access and control over perimeter tours, barriers, and alarms.

For top home security, executive protection agents must be able to not just report threats to authorities but also deter and stop them as well if needed. These agents are trained to blend seamlessly into the environment, usually dressed in plain clothes in order to make them as less conspicuous as possible.

But the opposite can be done as well. If the occasion and situation call for it, the agents can dress to make themselves become very visible to establish a commanding presence.  This will make violators think twice about approaching the client.

4.  Drone Security Services

An executive protection service that is worth its premium rates should be using drones as part of its operations. These drones are used not just for the protection of their private clients, but for supporting small and medium-sized law enforcement agencies as well.

These drones are operated by licensed remote pilots. Nothing less than a fleet of state-of-the-art DJI drones are used here and flown by experienced FAA commercially-licensed remote pilots.

Drones that are included in the fleet are DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, DJI Sparks, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, and DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. The company makes it a point to acquire the latest drone technology in order to amplify its security services.

Why are drones necessary? These move much quicker than ground-based security personnel and can cover a larger area.

When it comes to areas that are deemed risky for security personnel, using drones is the perfect alternative. These types of equipment are more discreet and less costly than using helicopters.

Drones are equipped with high quality cameras that provide coverage that is equal or even better than stationary or CCTV security cameras.

Get the Highest Level of Protection from WPG

Security is a non-negotiable investment. World Protection Group provides services that cover all of the above-mentioned areas.

We employ a pool of executive protection agents for high-tier clients such as corporate CEOs, political dignitaries, high net-worth individuals, and celebrities.

For your VIP-level protection needs, schedule a free consultation with us. Contact our team at the World Protection Group today.

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