The New Executive Protection Agent. Posting pictures and videos while they are protecting clients in real time? Not OK!

As social media begins to take over so much of our lives, you may begin to see your executive protection agent is just as dedicated to their Instagram account as they are to keeping you safe. This is not the way it should be and is a huge red flag that you have hired the wrong protection agent. An executive protection agent who cares so much about how many followers they have and is always trying to find ways to get a higher follower count or gain more popularity can actually be incredibly dangerous for a client’s wellbeing and safety.

Why? Well, even if it is unintentional, an executive protection agent with these kinds of priorities is bound to make huge mistakes when it comes to their most important work, protecting their client and ensuring that risks are kept at bay.

High profile executives, billionaires, and celebrities need to be able to feel safe at all times and trust their executive protection agent completely. They might not even be aware of the dangerous practices associated with a protection agent posting carelessly on social media.

Keep reading to learn why these new executive protection agents who post about their lives without a second thought are actually incredibly dangerous and what high profile clients should actually be looking for in their security detail and protection team.

Why a Protection Agent Needs to Be Careful on Social Media

An executive protection agent who wants to gain fame on social media will often find ways to use their clients to their own advantage. Not only is this grossly unprofessional, but it can even be dangerous to the client’s wellbeing and physical safety.

Unprofessional protection agents might post about who they are working with or what high profile or famous clients they have worked with in the past. Maybe they do this to look cool or seem connected more personally to the client. They might even think it will help them obtain more famous clients in the future. This could not be further from the truth. Those in the industry will only find this to be unprofessional and dangerous.

Flaunting who you have worked with or are currently protecting can lead to that client being put in harm’s way. It only takes one clever individual to troll through Instagram photos for clues as to the client’s address or location. This can lead to potential home invasions or worsen stalking behaviors.

Executive agents often accompany their clients on holidays or travel for work as well. Afterall, the client needs to be protected when away from home too. But they should never be posting about the holiday or travel—especially if it is still ongoing! This will leave the client incredibly vulnerable to a variety of risks. Now very dangerous people on the internet know exactly where the client is or that their lavish home or estate is left empty.

To prevent home invasion and bodily harm, an executive protection agent can never post in real time about where a client is or what they are doing. It is simply too dangerous and exposes the client to far too many risks.

As a client, you can check with the executive protection company about any social media use policies they have in place to ensure that their agents are consummate professionals at all times. This is a good indication of the quality of the executive protection company and the standard of protection you will be able to expect going forward.

Keeping the Client Safe Online

Alongside ensuring that the executive protection agent is acting intelligently when it comes to social media and keeping their personal and professional life separate, the World Protection Group offers additional services to help the client stay safe online.

Just as an executive protection agent’s activities can put the client in harm’s way, the client themselves may be unintentionally posting or doing things online that will compromise their safety. WPG offers comprehensive services that will allow a client to essential live anonymously online and with all of their correspondences. This adds so much additional security with only a few lifestyle changes.

One of the first things WPG will help a client do is remove all connections between them and their home address from the internet and public documents. This is done by tricking the system essentially into thinking that someone else resides at that address and that any business associated with it is not connected publicly with the client. This mitigates threats of home invasion and any threats from stalkers or other dangers individuals.

Correspondence can also become untraceable through the use of an anonymous phone and highly advanced encrypted messaging and calling apps. WPG uses the best apps around which allow for the use of aliases and multiple phone numbers that cannot be traced back to the client.

Another great option that is also very simple and does not require a big lifestyle change is the use of a faraday bag. This is a type of small bag that blocks electronic transmissions. Some clients will choose to place their phones and other electronics in a faraday bag as the drive to and from their home. This means that the phone cannot be tracked because the transmissions have effectively been blocked.

Keeping yourself safe online requires a dedicated and holistic approach. It means ensuring that you and those around you—including the executive protection agent—are posting carefully and cautiously. Minimal references should be made to where you have been and certainly you should never post about your location in real time. In the worst case scenario, this is a mistake that can cost you your life as dangerous individuals are able to pinpoint your exact location.

Instead, you need to hire an executive protection company that understands how to keep you physically safe and also ensure that your sensitive and private information is kept secure and out of reach of individuals online. Through thorough and careful work, your protection company can effectively remove any vulnerable or exposing information from the internet and help you build an anonymous and safer life.

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