How does LA Metro address crime? The decision to employ armed security officers involves a careful balance between enhancing Security and ensuring the public feels safe while also considering potential concerns related to the use of firearms in public.

West Hollywood is a small city in Los Angeles County, and the Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services—maintaining public Safety, enforcing laws, and serving the community. Recently, they have introduced what is known as ‘Unarmed Security Ambassadors.’ This was brought in to lower crime rates and make residents and tourists feel safer. However, the results have been very disappointing and have no chance of preventing crime. They only can Observe and Report.

The Downside of Unarmed Security Ambassadors

Security ambassadors are not high-level or well-trained security guards or protection agents. In fact, they are unarmed and serve no specific security purpose. While some may believe that unarmed security can still prevent crime, this is untrue. These ambassadors not only lack firearms but also do not possess pepper spray, a baton, or any other items for protection or defense.

Primarily, these individuals engage in conversations with tourists, provide directions, or welcome them into the city. If a crime were to occur, the Security Ambassadors would be unable to take proactive or constructive measures to prevent it or stop it from happening. Their sole responsibility is to observe and report to the Police or Sheriff’s Department if they witness any criminal activity after it occurs. A recent video circulated showing a road rage incident just outside the Sheriff’s Department, with two security ambassadors present. The perpetrator was severely beating the other driver. Instead of taking action, the security ambassadors simply watched and did not even call for help from the Sheriff’s Department.

Increased Threats on the LA Metro

The politicians from the city council who are in charge of the Los Angeles Metro have decided to reduce the number of armed patrols and security personnel. The Metro runs from Long Beach, through LA, and extends further afield. Three law enforcement departments are hired to ensure the Metro’s safety: the LA County Sheriff, Long Beach Police, and the LA Police Department. These departments have divided responsibilities for Metro protection and Security. Unfortunately, the Metro has become a haven for homeless people who live and sleep on the trains, leading to a significant increase in crime rates and causing users to feel very unsafe and uncomfortable.

The decision to decrease law enforcement’s presence on the Metro is another indication of an anti-police and law enforcement mentality. Many politicians share this sentiment throughout California. In fact, most politicians are perceived as pro-crime, making it easier for crimes to occur across the state.

 Now, they have decided to have fewer police on the LA Metro and more security ambassadors. This approach is unlikely to work. It is evident that security ambassadors were unsuccessful in West Hollywood, and the LA Metro will likely face the same reality of ineffective protection and security due to unarmed and undertrained security personnel. All they can do is observe, and they will not be able to prevent violent crime or antisocial behavior.

Armed Security will Increase Safety.

The politicians believe that people will feel safe with an unarmed security ambassador. However, this is simply not true. Nearly all members of the public feel safer when they see a well-trained security person from a reputable security company equipped with a gun, baton, handcuffs, and pepper spray. This is because these types of security officers have the required training to act and deter crime before it even takes place.

For example, if there are two sides of the street and one has armed Security protecting retail shops while the other has unarmed and untrained security ambassadors, business owners and customers will choose the well-protected side. On the other side of the coin, criminals will select the side of the street with unarmed security officers, as they can quickly get away with their thefts and other activities, and no one will stop them.

Armed security needs to be sharp, alert, and well-trained. Criminals will recognize these traits when carrying out their planning and surveillance and will stay away when they see effective, armed security. Similarly, criminals recognize lazy, distracted, and unarmed security. The politicians should invest in highly trained, armed private Security for places like West Hollywood and the LA Metro. It would allow people to get to work efficiently every day without being afraid or disturbed by the actions of criminals or the homeless.

Critical Advantages of Employing Armed Security Personnel

Armed security personnel must be deployed on the LA Metro and cities to improve Safety and Security.

Enhanced Security: Armed security officers are better equipped to handle possible threats or security lapses. Their presence can serve as a deterrent, preventing illegal activity and encouraging a safer environment. They also will support the Police.

Emergency Response: Armed personnel are better prepared to handle emergency scenarios, such as reacting to armed threats, acts of terrorism, or other violent incidents, in the event of a severe security incident. Their access to firearms and training enables a more robust response when called upon. They also would be trained in CPR, First Aid, & AED to deliver a fast medical emergency response.

Risk Mitigation: There are several security threats in the LA Metro. Having armed Security can help mitigate these risks and provide additional protection.

Crime Prevention: The apparent presence of armed security personnel can reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and other offenses. This makes the environment safer and more secure.

Public Confidence: People feel more secure and at ease knowing that armed security guards are on duty on the LA Metro. More individuals may be encouraged to take public transit without worrying about their Safety.

Professionalism and Training: Armed security officers usually complete specialized training to handle various security situations. Their competence and skill guarantee a prompt reaction to any threats and add to the effectiveness of the security measures. Many come from a past law enforcement and or military background. 

WPG Offers High-Standard Armed Private Security Services

Choose an executive protection company in Los Angeles that maintains constant training, sets a professional example for all of its agents, and operates to the highest requirements in the sector. This powerful combination will safeguard clients from all kinds of criminal activity. Having an expert security firm will also ensure that, even though the agents are armed, they will only draw or use their weapons when absolutely required. They are trained in and have a use of force and deadly force policy that they will strictly adhere to.

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